Becoming Bulletproof by Tim Anderson

Discussion in 'Other' started by Mark Kidd, Aug 5, 2019.

  1. Mark Kidd

    Mark Kidd More than 500 posts


    Has anyone read this? If so, do you need to read the previous Original Strength books or
    can you go straight to this one?

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  2. Jak Nieuwenhuis

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    love it. you can go straight into it. It's where his work has been heading for a while now,

    the basic program of the book is to pick a movement and build up to performing it for 10 minutes straight with no rest

    - You would reset for 10 minutes,

    - then pick a movement (like leopard crawling) and accumulate 10 minutes of work, pausing the time when resting.

    10 minute reset and then pick 1-4 movements to accumulate 10 minutes worth of work in.

    The best part of the book (besides the templates) are his thoughts on "real" strength, work capacity, etc.

    Tim Anderson is a crazy strong, enduring man
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  3. Mark Kidd

    Mark Kidd More than 500 posts

    If I have the original Original Strength, is it worth getting Reloaded, Performance,etc?
  4. Jak Nieuwenhuis

    Jak Nieuwenhuis Quadruple-Digit Post Count

    I have almost all of the books. Tim's main focus (engaging your "design") stays consistent . But each book is different enough to check out . Try getting one at a time maybe.

    My favorites are "Restoration" and "Habitual.." ..
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  5. Mark Kidd

    Mark Kidd More than 500 posts

  6. Bauer

    Bauer More than 500 posts

    My favourites are Performance the BB Project :D
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  7. conor78

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    Picked up the book over the summer but never used as I was prepping for TSC. Going to use the templates for the next 2 months. Crawling fit 10 mins.....think I’d rather prep for the snatch test..
  8. Hasbro

    Hasbro Triple-Digit Post Count

    I’ve only got “Reloaded” which I think is the updated version of “Original Strength”. Bought it about a year ago and read through it but never really incorporated it into my training. Seemed like a lot of fluff at the time so I stuck it on the shelf and forgot about it.

    At 61 yrs old I’ve got a lot of nagging pains from years of physical abuse, injuries, improper form, too much too soon, arthritis, etc. I’ve had surgeries, physical therapy, chiropractic care, etc and never got any relief. I had pretty much given up and thought pain was something I would just have to endure.

    Well fast forward to about a month ago. Extensive warm ups have never really been a part of my routine but I decided I needed to start incorporating them and started researching what others were doing. Long story short I decided to dust off my Original Strength Reloaded book and and give it an honest chance this time.

    I’ve been doing the 10 minute reset routine that uses all 5 of the resets. I do it first thing in the morning, about an hour before bed, and as a warmup and cool down to my workout. I also do 45 second deadhangs about 5 times a days. I have to admit I feel better than I have in many years. My pains are now tolerable and getting better everyday.

    I think I’ll be crawling, rocking, marching, and rolling from here on out. Yeah the neighbors look at me funny when I’m crawling around in the yard but not any more so than when I started yanking around a cannonball with a handle on it.
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  9. Denny Phillips

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    I agree with Jak that you can go straight into it.

    Like Hasbro, I started with "Reloaded" and saw things fall into place more quickly than I had hoped. While certainly not overnight there were things like segmental rolling that responded within a couple of weeks.

    My "Becoming Bulletproof" experience has been one of education. I've learned some things about myself that complement those that I found when I embraced Dan John's prodding to find my gaps. Some of the gaps I already knew, my hips are a gap. What BB did surprised me. Tim says that after a certain amount of time the "suck factor" really doesn't change so soldier on (an oversimplification on my part). I was able to perform one of the challenges fairly quickly (battle ropes) but the crawling just tortures me. Being 63 I decided that discretion is the better part of valor and have not tried to push myself as hard as my competitive juices would like.

    Is there a gap there? I don't know. Two people will respond very differently to the same physical task although perhaps not for any apparent reason. Is it my height (I'm a tall guy)? Are my abs lagging (probably)? It's an interesting journey. While the things that are promised in Reloaded have come to pass the lessons from BB are still a puzzle.

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