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Bodyweight Best way to increase push-up and pull-up numbers for Navy pst

I am familiar with him and am currently doing the 50/50 swim workout he recommends 5-6 times a week. I haven’t tested my run or swim recently but I assume they are both around 10:00-10:30.
Sounds like you need to focus on run, swim, and push-ups. How’s your 4 mile run looking? Goal should be sub-32 min and better to be 24 or less.
Apart from the good advice above, I would recommend this article by Al Ciampa, who has prepared a lot of folks for military tests and deployments.
He basically recommends something like easy running, Simple & Sinister + Power to the People (or Easy Strength), and then do some GTG peaking for your test.
Thanks for posting this.
Knee issues over the last 18 months have kept my jogging sporadic.
Currently 6 weeks into Al's jogging chart, with minimal issues.
I used Mike Prevost's USNA pushup program some years back for a test at work and it was very effective.

I swapped emails with Mike a few years ago before my son headed off to the Navy's Officer Candidate School. His program worked great and my son breezed through. The workout that seemed to work best for my son was to do 10-20 pushups, run a lap around the track and repeat 8-10 times. As Mike pointed out, you always do the run test after the pushup test and you need to be able to run without your arms assisting you.
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