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Barbell Deadlift Form Feedback


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I'm currently doing the Modified DeLorme in Pavel's Beyond Bodybuilding book, which is why I'm using 100 lbs, instead of 135 (my gym doesn't have any bumper plates).

Other than that, is there anything wrong with my deadlift form?

Brett Jones

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Do you have access to boxes or the ability to bring the bar up to a standard height?
(45# plates place the bar 9 inches off the ground)

Right now you are pulling a bit "beyond the range" and overall there is a lot of good stuff in your DL.

At the finish try to fully extend the hips and it will be interesting to see your DL if you can get it up to standard height.

Mark Limbaga

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You have the pattern down. What you can do better is lock out the hips.. think of this: once the bar is above the knee, push the floor down and feel your glutes cramp as you stand tall

Anna C

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Form looks solid and safe! Clear to add some weight to the bar. :)
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