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Other/Mixed Do Onions Increase Testosterone?

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)
Apparently onions decrease cholesterol.
Are they increasing the rate of conversion of cholesterol to testoreone?
I seem to have found the tipping point for my ability to metabolize onions.

Yesterday, I ate 4 home made hamburgers using 1.5 lb / 24 oz of 90/10 grass fed beef -- 2 for lunch, 2 for dinner. Each burger used 6 oz of hamburger.

I used 1/2 white raw onion across all 4 burgers.

Last night I felt wired, my pores, sweat and skin smelled of onions, and I had trouble sleeping.

It reminded me of the ayurvedic description of onions, which I had previously poo-pooed:

According to Ayurveda, onion is tamasic (makes people irritable, agitated and aggressive) in nature and garlic to be rajasic (energy-draining, disturbed sleep and drained energy) in nature. As per Ayurveda, both these ingredients produce excessive heat in the body.

Hurm, sounds familiar.

Maybe before I just wasn't eating enough onions to get the described effect.

So time to lower the dose a bit.
Liver and onions to build testosterone, fried taters because they are the best, and carrots to get rid of the estrogen.
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