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Dan John

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For a publication, I was asked about doing 10,000 swings. So, I have been experimenting with a bunch of ways to get 500 swings a day. After hearing Pat Flynn and talking with Coach SteveO, Mike Brown and some others, we came up with a plan. After getting the 10,000 under my belt, I am now working on just heavier swings, I just have a 36 Kilo, and mixing either Presses, Pull Ups or Olympic Bar snatches.

Today, I came away with the insight that the swing really does stretch the hip flexors, bind the abs, and work the glutes. I think it takes more reps than we think to get the whole system working together. Today, I did this:

Swing with 36K x 10 reps (One Goblet Squat at the end)

One Olympic bar snatch

Swing with 36K x 15 reps (One Goblet Squat at the end)

Two Oly bar snatches.

I repeated this eight times for 200 swings and 24 snatches.

I'm going to slide up to 15 and 25 reps on this so that five clusters are 200 reps (and 15 snatches). My thinking is that the 10 and 15 seem too low, although my HR goes up, I breath more and I sweat.

There is a lot more to the concept here, but I had this thought recently that if the Swing is the king of conditioning and General Prep, why am I not doing more of it? So, this is my answer. Those Goblet Squats, by the way, are long paused at the bottom. As I near the second anniversary of my total hip replacement, I am convinced this is good for me. In a few weeks, on the day the surgery happened, I will go and throw again.


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I to have been experimenting with higher volume swings and really enjoy it. I am always amazed at the simplicity of your programming and ideas, great stuff !

Iron Tamer

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after a short adjustment period, most of which is mental, getting 500 swings with anything lighter than a 32 takes about 17 minutes.

swings do indeed stretch and connect, and yes, it takes more than 10,000 reps to physically comprehend what is happening. Heavy, high volume or  heavy AND high volume will have carry over into everything else- snatch, DL, press, conditioning, positive mental attitude....swings are magical.

As you go further down the rabbit hole, try playing with 30:00 and see how many more reps you can squeeze in.


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Great stuff, I  am definitely going to be working in a lot more swings. Lately I tried 250 a day with various weights but I think heavier and less often will be more beneficial for me at the moment.

Johnny Bird

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I'd like to try a 10,000 run when I'm done with my current shenanigans. Have to read up on how to program that.

I may try adding a goblet squat to the sets I'm working with - I alternate between walking around and holding a deep squat between sets anyway - the goblet would add some natural alignment, I bet.

I have been aiming to get my 36k 5L/5R/5 2 hand sets to 20 in 20 minutes. Maybe I should be aiming for 30 in 30 minutes?


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Wow awesome Dan John. Sounds like a great plan and one I may do in between doubles with KB Strong.


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"There is a lot more to the concept here"

I am very interested in hearing more--rationale, conclusions... i take it this will turn into an article?

Dan John

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Well, I bought a 48K today after doing the 15-25 reps with the 36K (for a total of 400 reps and nothing else "off day" a week, so to speak). I came to the conclusion that the 10-15-25 workout was best for the heavier bells (I like 10-15-25-50 for anything lighter). It's been a fun process.

I'm not interested at all in doing them fast. I really enjoy doing the strength moves between sets. One day a week, I just Swing, but I really want to push up my Pull Ups and O lifts.

Andrew Palmer

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Great stuff! What a comeback.

Random question: has anybody swinging high volume daily noticed hypertrophy in the hips and glutes, or any other muscles?

Mark Blakemore

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Hey Coach,

How would you suggest someone proceed after total hip six months ago?  This is exactly what I've been patiently waiting to get after.  PM plus goblet squats.


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Dan I'm sure you are aware but I figured out all on my own that the 10-15-25-(50) are the same ratios as 2-3-5-(10).

There be magic in those numbers?

I need a mental break so am going to to back to just two-arm swings this week. Rounds of 10-15-25 with the 32kg, 10-15-25-50 with the 24kg.


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the 10,000 24kg swings mark seems like a fantastic goal.  i have a break coming up on August 10th which fits in perfectly with 500 swings per day with one day off per week.  i will hit the objective 10,000 just before the break and then i can take a week off and melt on the beach while thinking of the next great kb routine to take on.  thanks Dan!!!


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I did a 5,000 swing challenge a couple of months ago - 300 swings 4 days/week  for 5 weeks.

Each work-out consisted of 10 sets of 30 swings: 10-left hand, 10-both hands, 10-right hand.

I wanted something that would push my limits but was surprised how quickly I adapted to the routine.

The first week I did 7 sets w/ a 45 and 3 with a 53; by the final week I was doing all 10 sets with the 53 in about 12-1/2 minutes.

Very pleased with the results.

Dan John

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Total hip: give it a year, no matter what. I did lots of Tim Anderson's resets, some general training, machines, walking, bike rides, play in the ocean. Nothing too crazy.

On the one year anniversary, I bought an O lifting bar and did squat snatches. In two weeks, I will throw the discus. This is my recovery, not everyone's.

Update: the 48 and the really hot weather beat my hammies to death!  Today, just 300 swings and Pull Ups, done like this:

48 x 10 (Pull Ups)

48 x 15 (Pull Ups)

36 x 25 (Pull Ups)

20 x 50

The twenty doesn't feel like anything until rep 34 or so and the grip just starts barking.

Dan John

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Yep, not a fan of the one handed stuff with my history.  Today, 300 with the bulk being 48k and 36k...then O lift complexes (Complex C, if you know them). Only a few days until I throw the discus.


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"stretch the hip flexors, bind the abs, and work the glutes"

sounds like high volume swings could be useful in correcting anterior pelvic tilt. Have you found this to be true?


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"has anybody swinging high volume daily noticed hypertrophy in the hips and glutes, or any other muscles?"

No hypertrophy.

But sharpened, more dense muscles in the lower lat, posterior chain and shoulder belt. No weight gain either (still on 75kg ~ 167lb ~ 11,8 stones).

And a significant increase of strength:

Started in February with 20kg + a ETK workshop (What the heck did I order - I will never move that lump of iron).

Now, 5 months later, I bought the 40kg, can swing it single handed 15 times and start thinking "again too light".

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