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Mark Limbaga

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Being a fan of complexes, I have been reading thru articles written before and wanted to grasp a better understanding of how you can use complexes to target other goals (hypertrophy, fatloss, strength) but not go to deep into the glycolitic zone.

Knowing that S and S has been the usual example for this, I found this sentence from the "strongfirst for crossfit" article

"You must be able to speak in sentences. This is imperative."

This, in a nutshell, answers the question of how we can clearly define the talk test...

that is all for now, train strong everyone


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Yeah I've found the talk test to be subjective with a lot of leeway depending on what each individual's idea of the talk test is. The way I dialed it in was to wear a HR monitor. Once my HR exceeded my predetermined zone (I use Maffetone) I would start talking and try to store what that felt and sounded like in my memory banks. After awhile I was able to ditch the HR monitor.


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Thanks Mark for the mention. I was definitely referring to the talk test.


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work out with other people around- when everyone's bs'ing, carrying on and telling jokes while running or between sets, all's good. when it gets quiet and there's an air of intensity, it's turned into a competition....
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