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It's worth mentioning that different people react differently to caffeine. I'm can have a double espresso at midnight and it doesn't alter my sleep at all and, in fact, I find I sleep poorly if I'm overtired, so sometimes the coffee actually helps.

And, FWIW, I was 49 years old before I started drinking coffee - didn't touch the stuff before then.

I've heard it actually has more positive benefits later in the morning.

I've read a lot about the correlation between morning cortisol spike and having caffeine and trying to separate them. I've experimented quite a few different ways but found no difference (feeling wise)
Bone broth AND any bone in slow cooked meat, the marrow seeps out into the gravy and if it doesn't lucky you will get to suck out the juices from those juicy bones. There is a French dish, can't remember the name, sorry, but scrape the marrow out some chunky bones after loosening it up in a hot oven for 30 mins or so. Chuck said marrow in a frying a pan and cook it further with garlic, shallots and a dash of red and season. Flash fry a steak, chuck it over, little bit of parsley. Whilst not full on gelatin, there is some but marrow! Just yum. A very simple and cheap way for some gelatin according to Weston Price foundation is Spam. Yes, sing along with Monty Python and indulge in a post war favourite. Apparently as a ration for troops during the war years, gelatin was added to the mix of cheap cut meat to add in some further nutritional benefit And still is, as it is used to hold the lot together in those tins. And another way is a bag a jelly babies. Not only gelatinous but comes complete with a sugar hit......I'll get my coat!
I read an interview with Conor Mcgregor and he says he waits to have coffee. He said he drinks water first thing in the morning and has a cup of coffee mid morning.
Slightly off topic, but if cortisol is spiked/high/elevated first thing in the morning, wouldn't that make morning a bad time to workout? It would just compound the issue wouldn't it?
I just received the green label gelatin today. I tried it in coffee - it is truly tasteless, and it does dissolve well. I had 1 teaspoon in a small cup of coffee (double espresso size), and then 2 teaspoons in the same amount of coffee.

It definitely has a beef brothy taste to me, but I've been doing two tablespoons in water at night. Dissolves perfectly though
It depends on the rest of your diet Steve. Gelatin is classed as an incomplete protein because it doesn't supply all the amino acids. Gelatin is almost devoid of tryptophan, and has low levels of cystiene , methionone and histadine which are easily obtained from a varied diet including meat, dairy and vegetables, so unless the gelatin is your sole source of protein then there are no issues. Even a good varied mixture of vegetables would complete the amino acid profile of gelatin and balance it out.

From what I can discern the "essential" amino acids and their RDA's are largely determined through agricultural studies on the growth rates of animals. Optimum rates of essential amino acids have been determined to a large extent by how fast juvenile pigs put on weight.

Isolation diets where gelatin was the only source of protein have shown to be detrimental to the health of higher mammals (including humans) to the point where a long term diet of pure gelatin can result in death from various causes. It's hard to put that sort of study into context because any diet consisting any singular source of protein without any other food would rapidly cause nutritional deficiencies as well.

I can't really get my head around gelatin in coffee, lately (since I've run out of chicken foot broth) I use a cup of salt reduced Campbells real stock (I'd rather add my own salt) and scoop about 3 tablespoons of gelatin powder into it and make a delicious vegetable soup with whatever vegetables I have on hand and I try to add some carbs of some sort. Sometimes I add some butter, other times I add coconut oil to help with assimilation of trace elements etc, but it always tastes good.
I simmered some chicken hearts in my bone broth with leftover veg, some turmeric and a couple cloves of garlic yesterday. It turned out exceptionally good.
I'm having pretty good results with the Great Lakes orange in chammomile tea about an hour before bed. I seem to sleep better, and my morning HRV score is better, just like @Wesker11 mentioned earlier in this thread. I also use the Great Lakes green in smoothies about every other day. As others have mentioned, the green can dissolves easily. The orange does too if you follow the directions on the can. With the orange one I stir it up in a little cold water, then add the dissolved mixture to the hot tea.

And a follow-up on the coffee, as that came up in this thread too -- had my first cup of coffee mid-morning yesterday after 3 weeks without any. A more potent effect, for sure! I am not missing it in the mornings. Drinking green and black tea now, 1 or 2 cups a day, which seems to be a more reasonable amount of caffeine. Not sure if I can describe the overall effect of getting away from the coffee, but I don't NEED it anymore and that's always nice to have one less dependency. And I feel more like myself, less "pushed off center" from where my brain and body want to be. If that makes sense.
Have you noticed any effect from using gelatin Steve?
My 23-year-old has been having knee issues and says he feels it's helping him. We both put a spoonful in our coffee.

I don't have a good test environment here - I have been monstrously busy for the last few weeks, my arse parked on a piano bench for hours and hours, and much less lifting than I'm used to - so I have a variety of aches and pains that have to do with that. I am hoping to start - today! - back into something resembling a normal routine and might have a better idea, although my normal routine is only going to last a few weeks before it gets interrupted again.

I continue to take it because maybe it's helping and it's very easy to take.

I'm not Steve, but I can't say I've noticed much of a difference with 2 tbsp before bed (I take it before bed because of glycine's purported sleep enhancement). Of course, I just finished up a fairly light singles program I was on for unrelated reasons and other than that have just been doing some trail running. I'm about to get back into some serious lifting so we'll see.

One thing I can say is that the Great Lakes gelatin dissolves perfectly in just a small amount of water, which is nice considering the usual solubility of various supplements leaves you with nice clumps to choke down.
I continue to take it because maybe it's helping and it's very easy to take.


DITTO. Purely anecdotal, but since I have been taking 2 serving daily, my shoulders feel less beat up - even with a steady diet of heavy pressing. It's relatively cheap and easy. Best case scenario - it is actually helping my joints, worse case, I am getting an extra 22g of high quality, dairy free protein in my daily diet for $20/month.
Glucosamine and Chonditine have been proven not to work recently, but gelatin seems to be helping me so far.
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