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Honest Effort

Changed up from the usual with a third routine. Am looking to fill in the gaps and also get to use some movements that have been written out of my current routines. Nothing like a change up, did this workout yesterday and sitting at my workstation 68°F it feels like its 85° in here.

Instead of doing a hang snatch on the SnatchSquat, I did them from the floor with a slight tap off the ground and shoulders squared. These are brutal.

Slingshots 20 each direction 35lb
figure 8s 20 each 35lb
halos 15 each 35lb
swings, 32 kg two hands, 2 sets of 40

overhead press to front squat
10reps 50lb
6 reps 62lb
Drop set 4/4 with 50/62lb

upright rows w/ towel
12 reps 50lb
10 rep 62 lb
9 rep 62

Snatch squat
8 rep 50lbs
5 rep 62lb

Crush pushup and Hack Squat complex x2
Meat and potatoes. Am beginning to feel the extra weight/volume on the swings and still feeling those snatch squats from Monday. Everything felt heavy today.

Slingshots 20 each direction 35lb
figure 8s 20 each 35lb
halos 15 each 35lb
swings, 32 kg two hands, 2 sets of 40

Bent Press
6 reps 72 lbs x3

Bent row towel
12 reps 120
10 reps 120 x2

Circular cleans to Reverse lunge
6 reps 50lbs x2

Crusher pushups/Hacksquat complex
Edit to add:
in the last two or three months I have put on a solid 5-7 lbs and my pants size/belt hole has remained the same.

Also, had a close call doing TGU on damp grass, lumpy yard. Even with my Five Fingers my lead foot slipped out when transitioning from column to upright/side hinge and had to toss the 32. I have never had anything like that happen before, but training on damp grass has made me nervous a few other times.

Did my 32 kg TGU without alternating and felt like I could have gotten three (or maybe four reps) without alternating. A huge boost in short time on these now that I have the pinched nerve issue squared away.

Slingshots 15 each direction 35lb
figure 8s 30 each 35lb
halos 15 each 35lb
swings, two hand 32kg 40 reps x2

TGU - not alternating
4 reps 50lbs
32kg 2reps 2 sets

One hand rows - lateral (arm pulled at 90° to torso)
12 rep 50lb x3

Deck Squats
10 reps 50lbs jump from squat first 5 reps x2

One arm pushup/hacksquat complex -
haven't done one arm pushups in years, got 5 reps/side. Pretty sure my form wasn't the best, but was kissing the grass and hip touched down, chest did not.
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I used to think suspension straps were a little silly, but made some and am thinking there's a place for these in my routine.

Slingshots 20 each direction 35lb
figure 8s 20 each 35lb
halos 15 each 35lb
swings, 32 kg two hands, 2 sets of 40

overhead press to front squat
10reps 50lb
6 reps 62lb
Drop set 4/4 with 50/62lb

Suspension incline pushups
2 sets 15
1 set 12

Kettlebell pec deck hold to a skater's squat-
same as video, only hold at max contraction and perform skater's squat, switch
2 sets 8 reps (4/side) 35 lbs

Suspension pec hangers/hack squat complex 10 reps each

hold handle in one hand, get feet under the plum line, hang body at approx 30° to floor. Keeping shoulder socket packed, arm slightly bent at elbow, pull opposite shoulder up to parallel using only pec. Repeat
Slingshots 20 each direction 35lb
figure 8s 20 each 35lb
halos 15 each 35lb
swings, 32 kg two hands, 2 sets of 40

Bent press
28kg 8 reps
32kg 6 reps
drop set 32/28 4/2

suspension rows - heavy dose of eccentric
15, 12, 10

Circular clean to reverse lunge
50lbs 6 reps x2

Suspension Lat hangers (same as pec hangers only reversed)/50 lb hack squat complex
8 reps ea x2
Holding back a bit on the suspension incline press, am not sure how to make this harder without putting a load on my body or switching to one handers - which I'm not ready for yet.

Kettlebell PecDeck upped to the 28 kg, felt good. These are kind freaky as you really do have to pace it to the KB rotation - pause at the top, pause at the bottom, smooth thru the movement.

Included skater squats as a separate part of a complex - I can't believe I haven't been doing these all along.

Slingshots 20 each direction 35lb
figure 8s 20 each 35lb
halos 15 each 35lb
swings, 32 kg two hands, 2 sets of 40

Overhead press to front squat
10reps 50 lbs
6 reps 62 lbs
drop set 4/4 62/50

Suspension incline press
2 x 15
1 x 12

Deck squats
6reps 28 kg
8 reps 50 lbs jumping for the first 4 reps

Kettlebell PecDeck/skater squat complex
12 reps 50 lbs / 12 reps
8 reps 28kg /12 reps
Continuing to experiment a bit as I put a new program together. I've been using the suspension straps a bit an like the increased ROM and emphasis on eccentric I can get from them, but not happy with the working load.

My slow turn toward more hypertrophy is picking up steam, my boxers don't really fit in the thigh anymore - not sure what to do about that. Also time to drop the ice cream for desert and up my protein a bit more.

Slingshots 20 each direction 35lb
figure 8s 20 each 35lb
halos 15 each 35lb
swings, 32 kg two hands, 2 sets of 40

TGU - not alternating. These still feeling pretty good, no nerve aggravation
50lbs 4 rep
28kg 3 rep
32kg 2 rep

Suspension rows
8 with 60 lb tube sand across midsection
drop set 4/4 tube sand/bodyweight

circular cleans to reverse lunge
50 lbs 6 reps 2 sets

Y delt suspension. I have a towel and lightweight kb version of this I can sub out if its raining (currently no way of using suspension inside).
15 reps 2 sets, slow on the eccentric
Working out earlier in the day than I am used to, felt a little stale...

My two handed swings are feeling very strong, not sure I can do one handers with that weight, and is the total load I'm enjoying anyway...Stacking for ballistics is something I haven't done yet.

Am rapidly overtaking my pushup and pec deck lifts for reps. Will be switching to one handed PU next workout at least for the first two of three sets, and will have to see how heavy the towel pec deck can go with that sort of mechanics.

Slingshots 20 each direction 35lb
figure 8s 20 each 35lb
halos 15 each 35lb
swings, 32 kg two hands, 2 sets of 40

Bent press
28 kg 7 sets
32kg 6 sets
drop 32/50 4/4

Incline push up on KBs
15, 17, 15 + 5 off knees

Deck squat
28 kg 6 rep
50 lb 8 rep

KB pec deck /skater squat
50 lbs 16 reps/15 rep
28 kg 12 reps/12 rep
Need to increase my swing load and decrease reps - 2x40 with a 32 is too glycotaxing for what I like to get done later in the workout. I should jump to 40kg, reduce reps to 10-15 and add an extra set or two.

TGU - omitted the 50lb warmup and added an extra set of 32kg x2. Am beginning to question the wisdom of doing these in my lumpy yard - is limiting my weights but without really disadvantaging the movement = no good reason not to do these on a flatter surface except I can't work out indoors on a nice day!

Included semi-iso side laterals to finish upper back and rear delts - definitely a Bro move but is starting to look like the last upper body set of each session is going to have a Bro move...Again, being new in rotation the load was a bit light but again, concentrate on eccentric.

Swapped out the towel for some better DIY handles on the bent row - weights took a hop and I expect a rapid increase over the next few sessions. As it was they were too light but I comp'd by really grinding the eccentric.

Slingshots 20 each direction 35lb
figure 8s 20 each 35lb
halos 15 each 35lb
swings, 32 kg two hands, 2 sets of 40

TGU not alternating
28kg 3 reps
32 kg 2 reps x 2

Bent row
120lbs 15 reps
140lbs 12 reps
155lbs 10 reps

Circular clean to reverse lunge
50 lbs 6 reps x2

Side lateral / pistols superset
25 lbs 10 reps x 2/ 8 pistols
Have been wanting to add more to my chest component. Pushups done with rest/pause. I don't use these very often but am beginning to think they have a good place on lifts where change of load is not convenient and total time under load per rep is short - not a good fit for TGU, but great for pushups, bent row...

Slingshots 20 each direction 35lb
figure 8s 20 each 35lb
halos 15 each 35lb
swings, 32 kg two hands, 2 sets of 30

Overhead press to front squat
28kg x 6
28kg x 5
28 kg x4 with three pushpress/FS tacked on

Incline pushup on KBs rest/pause
24x1 10 sec pause 5 x 2
18x1 10 sec pause 4 x 2
12x1 10 sec pause 3 x2

50lbs 8 reps x 2

kettlebell pec deck/hacksquat
28kg 8 reps / 8 reps 50 lbs x2
second set dropped to 50 lbs 6/4
Increased my swing weight, reduced reps and increased set count.

Reduced reps on bent press and increased weight on bent row and swing. I feel like I could pack on even more weight on the swing, but stopping at 20 reps I could barely feel it in the glutes like I usually do at 30 or 40 reps.

Used the wife's old HR monitor - interesting. My highest rate hit about 165 when finishing the circular cleans/reverse lunges with a RPE about 8 or so. This takes minimum three breaths per movement and I can extend it out to four if I'm really feeling gassed. I did not notice any difference in HR between the two sets when I increased the breath count to four (which naturally reduces the cadence a small amount).

Average highs were 160 and I generally hit 140 within 20 breaths after an exertion. Surprisingly, I had always assumed it would climb slightly throughout the workout, elevating my recovery HR, but that was not the case. 140 felt like 150 by the end of the workout....

By the time I put my KBs away it was back down to 120. Was 65 this morning and upper 80s when I began my workout. My max for age is about 170.

Not to self: replace those upright rows with iron cross/reverse laterals.

Slingshots 20 each direction 35lb
figure 8s 20 each 35lb
halos 15 each 35lb
swings, 40 kg two hands, 4 sets of 20

Bent press
28 kg 6 reps
32kg 5 reps x2

Bent Row
60 kg 12 reps
76 kg 6 reps
70kg 8 reps

circular cleans to reverse lunge
50 lbs 6reps x 2

upright row/skater squat
65 kg 10 reps/10 reps ea x2
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New warm-ups. Jump rope for 3 minutes (am going to start jumping 10 minutes on my offdays).

Again, I didn't really feel the swings in my glutes till I got past 20 reps and really felt it at 30+

Swings two handed 32 kg 40 reps x 2

TGU, not alternating
50lbs x 4 reps
28kg x 3 reps
32kg x 2 reps

Incline pushups off of KB bodies
15 rest/pause 10 seconds 3reps x 3

28 kg x 5 reps
50 lbs x 8, jumping from the squat

Kettlebell pec deck/alternating pistols - super set
50lbs x 15 - 5 reps
28 kg x 8 - 5 reps
drop set 28kg/50 lbs 8/4 - 4 reps
Yesterday's workout:

For the first time in about 8 years I did no swings or overhead pressing. This is a real Bro workout based on my most common ascending pyramid for the bigger lifts and descending for the detail work (mostly due to pacing and available weights rather than preference). This is very similar in construction to:
The Best Damn Workout Plan For Natural Lifters | T Nation

Bulgarian splits were very difficult - my first time really loading them up. My glutes and hammies are heavily DOMS'd, and as expected from a Bro workout, I'm popping out of my T shirt today.

Warmup - 2.5 minutes jumprope forward, 2.5 minutes reverse

Bulgarian split squat
90lbs x 12
110lbs x 8
120lbs x 4 - drop to 110 add 3 more reps

Bent Rows
120lbs x 10
135 lbs x 8
155lbs x 4 drop set 135lbs x 3

Circular cleans to reverse lunge
50 lbs x 6 reps, 5 reps, 4 reps

High pull from a hang - no swinging, super set with hack squat.
35lbs x 12, 10 , 10 / 50 lbs 8, 7, 6
last set did rest, pause for an extra 5, 4

Today 6/8/17
Jumprope ten minutes - 5 forward, 5 back
Warmup 3 minutes jumping rope.

Feeling out these single leg deadlift. My hammies and glutes are still pretty sore from Wed.

Single leg DL
50 lbs 15 reps
28kg 12 reps
28kg 12 reps

Incline pushup, hands on KB bodies for added depth
25 reps
15 reps
12 reps, rest/pause 5, 4, 3

50 lbs 6 reps x 3
really working the eccentric on these today - not something I normally do but felt the 50 was a little light, the 28kg would have been a bit much

KB towel pec deck/skater squat Super Set
28kg 10 reps / 10reps per Skater squat
8 reps
8 reps, drop set 50 lbs 4 reps
Still doing hypertrophy/BB protocol 3 sets of ascending or static pyramid. Am beginning to wonder about my participation on the forum as I don't seem to be applying SF principles very diligently and certainly do not do A&A. While my weights are only moving upward slightly, I feel stronger than I have in a couple of years.

Feeling out the single leg DLs, have been doing them enough to get form down but not really clear on my working weights. Also still have a slight pull in my left glute that's slowing me down. I may wind up reverting back to swings for my hinge needs or rigging up a bar or sandbags so I can do DL with both legs. While it does bring other benefits, the instability of single leg is seriously hampering my ability to move loads that are muscularly challenging.

Pistols, I came to a complete rest at the bottom of each rep - putting em at the very end of the workout these never get easy.

Normally space out sets with 20 easy breaths - about 1.5 to 2 minutes

Jumping rope is already becoming a little easier.

- Warm-up:
Jump rope 5 minutes, 2.5 min fore and aft

- Single leg DL
90lbs 15 reps
112 lbs 12 reps
132lbs 8 reps

- Bent Row
132lbs 10 reps
152lbs 8 reps
drop set 152/132lbs 6/4 reps

Circular cleans to reverse lunge
50lbs 6 reps
50lbs 6 reps
drop set 50 lbs 5 reps 40 lbs 4 reps (omitting the lunge)

Bent laterals/pistol super sets - 3 sets
7 / 5
Mixing it up again but still within the framework. Really enjoyed the sandbag squats and sandbag benchpress.

Warmup - 5 minutes jumprope

sandbag squats - I will be upping these just as soon as I can get more sandbags tied together.
120 lbs 12 reps 3 sets
rest/pause on the last set for 4 reps x 2

Sandbag benchpress - clean two kettlebells, rock back on stacked tube sand. These were a lot tougher than I thought, but also feel very much like a real benchpress. Cleaning pairs of stacked kettlebells is a trick.

130lbs x 10
120lbs x 10
120 lbs x 10
100 lbs x 10

Decksquats these are a lot tougher following a solid effort on the bag/bench.
50lbs x 6 x 2
40 lbs x 8 x 1

Pec deck / Hacksquat SS
28kg x 10 / 8 reps x 3
32kg x 8
32kg x 6 drop set 50lbs x 4
Warm up jump rope 5 minutes

Single leg deadlift
90lbs x 12
112 lbs x 10
132 lbs x 5 +4 @112 Drop set

Bent Row
132lbs x 12
152 x 8
152 x 6 + 4 @ 132 Drop set

Circular clean to reverse lunge
40lbs x 8
50 lb x 6
50 lbs x 5 +4 @40lbs drop set

Side lateral/skater squat SuperSet x 3

Warmups - 5 minutes jump rope

Sandbag back squats
120 lbs x 3 - 12 reps, 10 reps, 10 reps Rest/Pause 4reps, 4 reps

Sandbag bench KB benchpress
50lbs 12 reps
65 lbs 10 reps x 2 Rest/Pause 50lbs x 6

Deck squat
40 lbs 8 reps
50 lbs 6 reps
50lbs 5 reps - drop set 40lbs 4 reps

28kg x 10
32kg x 8
32 kg x 6, 28kg x 4, 50lbs x 4

3 sets x 4 reps not alternating

10 minutes jump rope
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