How would you structure The Royal Court?

Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by Jak Nieuwenhuis, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Jak Nieuwenhuis

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    Hindu squats, hindu pushups, and the back bridge.

    A popular approach I've seen is to do a max hindu pushups, then times that by 2 for hindu squats, then nail a bridge at the end.. as a daily practice

    Another option would be to GTG with these 2 exercises day after day, hindu squats and hindu pushups

    Part of me believes that it wouldn't really matter how you structured it as long as you practiced each of them every day, day after day

    Anyway, I'd like to see how other people would go about programming a high repetition workout (besides the bridge, which is for time) based on these 3 exercises.

  2. pet'

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    @Jak Nieuwenhuis
    Maybe there are different strategy:
    > (X reps of HPU + 2X reps of Hsq) during Z minutes
    > Fixing a number of reps per exercise, and doing all the reps of an exercise before doing the other exercise. Using this strategy, you can either rest as needed, or rest a fixed amount of time, or doing all the reps as fast as possible (so with rest reduced to the minimum).

    Of course, you can vary between the two options.

    Basically, the more rep you do in a fixed amount of time (considering the pace of the rep is "normal"), the more you increase TUT.

    In all cases, finishing with the bridge.

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  3. Pavel Macek

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    As a weighted mobility - every day, reps = your age.

    As a strength training, I would do something else.
  4. dc

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    When I use to do the Royal Court I started with the squats as I found they warmed up my whole body, then I did the pushups followed by the bridge as by this time I was fully warm & loose & could bridge deeper. Occasionally I’d do the pushups first & found I could do more, but generally felt better doing squats first. I always bridged last. I’d approximately do twice as many squats as pushups & bridge going for depth & time depending on how I felt on the day.

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