Incline DB question


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Considering strength as primary goal and muscle growth secondary.

I want to incorporate Incline DB presses into my work out. My limitation is I currently have Power Blocks that go up to 50 lbs.

Would I be better off working up to and doing several sets of 5 reps

Or using the ladder approach to get more volume

Or another option this forum might have

Thanks in advance



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Hi Dan!

How often are you going to train and what kind of hardware do you use? If you train the same exercise several times a week and has light weight plates, you could do a couple of sets of fives as in "Power to the people". If you can't take small steps, ladders work well as used in "Enter the Kettlebell".

Do you press overhead standing? If strength is your thing, I would advice you to focus on a one arm military press instead of using a bench as in the incline bench press.

Best regards, Henke in Sweden


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I mainly use barbells and dumbbells. This series I will train weights 3 times a week. I have a squat rack, incline bench, but the way I have my gym set up currently I can't get my incline bench in for enough for inclines (flat bench no problem) and as stated above, my dumbbells only go up to 50 lbs. I could probably press the 50 for 5 now, thus I can do 2X5, I guess I could keep adding sets until I get 5X5 or use a ladder approach in which I would need to use a lower dumbbell weight but at a higher volume.



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Pick up a copy of "Power to the People" if you haven't allready - it focuses on strength and cycling of the load. It might be just what you need at your current strength level.



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Hi Dan.

Either start with a weight that you know you can do 5x5, and increase the weight. Or start with 5x2 with the 50 lbs and start adding reps as you become stronger. 2x5 is more suited if you want to train like 4-6 days in a row.

If you wanna use a ladder approach, use 50% of your 1RM and add reps every second set.

For death by incline press, use 33-40% of your 1RM.


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@ Dan,
I think you need to look at the question in the context of the rest of your training. You are doing flat bench already and want to add incline, but are you also planning to decrease the volume on your flat bench? Do you do overhead pressing as well? What is your plan there, if you are. How are you training your pulls? I think the answer to your first question can be better answered with a bit more information.

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