Increasing reps on pistols and OAOLPU

Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by Fredrik, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Fredrik

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    Whats your best tips to go past singles or shaky two reps? I have been following a program for learning pistols, OAOLPU and the one arm pullup. The one arm pullup is WIP still but improving.

    I am at this point able to do pistols and OAOLPU on a regular basis but only singles or a bit shaky two reps. I have been at this point for a while and cant seem to push up the reps.

    My strongest pistol is on the right leg and for the OAOLPU my left arm is strongest so doing two reps on those but struggeling to go past two on my strongest side and going past one on my strong side. I usually do 10-15 pistols/practice session (singles and two reps) and 3-4 singles for the OAOLPU and then 3 reps x 4-5 sets for the OAPU.

    Due to my work I cant really do GTG so looking for some advice that fits in to 4-5 1 ,5 hour sessions/week.
  2. Steve Freides

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    @frederickk, try to find a variation you can do for more reps. Are you working pistols weighted or unweighted? For PU, try with one arm but two legs and see if you can get a few more that way.

    The basic rotation of a Light, a Medium, and a Heavy day each week is a solid plan. Save the shaky singles for Heavy Day and see if the other training's increased volume will help you improve your Heavy Day performance.

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    Thanks @Steve Freides I am doing both non weighted and weighted pistols. For yesterdays session I did 9 regular pistols on both legs and one with a 12kg KB on both legs. I can do pistols with 12kg extra weight but struggle for two unweighted... I do pushups with one arm for more reps at the end of my OAOLPU sessions 3x4 usually and sometimes 4x4 but it doesnt seem to transfer to my OAOLPU
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  6. Machete

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    In my experience unstable exercises are weird, especially if someone is good at bodyweight exercises. I've found that I can "muscle" my way through several reps of crappy OAOLPUs, when I should probably swallow my pride and practice beautiful reps at an elevation. I've also found that I can knock out like 20 Pistols, but fail/start cramping once I load it with even just 16 kg. (I've since addressed this.)

    Single-limb exercises require specific skills for performance. That's why the SFB has a very conceptual, break-down-each-exercise-into-its-bare-components approach.
  7. Steve Freides

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    I think for most people, somewhere around 10-12 kg is the sweet spot for pistols. Lighter is harder, and heavier is harder.

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