Is Stretching Necessary?

Discussion in 'Flexibility, Mobility, and Movement' started by Marcus Aurelius, Dec 13, 2017.

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    I just finished reading OS and it is interesting that they do not find it necessary to do stretching and mobility. Perhaps it has merit to it that if you only do OS then you might not need to stretch or mobilize joints.
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    As a devoted OS practitioner and teacher, OS resets and strength work, like any other developmental approach, has built-in joint mobility work. Stretching gets in by encouraging relaxing what need to be relaxed. IMO what separates it from classical mobility and stretching is a more integrative approach.
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    I was just looking for reasons why Pavel included passive stretches in S+S (and not contract-relax) and I guess this quote explains it. Thanks!
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    Found this old thread I had missed. Lots of good information and I also found this quote especially informative.

    S&S book recommends doing the stretches after training or later at night before going to bed. When something gives me trouble its my ql and maybe some other muscles on my sides and low back. Maybe its not a bad idea to do ql straddle 2-3 times a day. I guess there is no harm at least... ?
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