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Off-Topic Just for your "courage corner"

I think @Kettlebelephant was referring to the 2 large nature posters

The brothers Medvedev poster (it says Russian Strongmen Brothers Medvedev: Русские сильные братья Медведев) I saw in S&S and searched in google for it, then had it printed onto aluminium.
So let's say I "borrowed" it ;)
My living room is like yours: toys and books for three boys ages 3-6, and their (girl) cousin twice a week...there is always something to step on.

My living room generally looks like it's been ransacked by burglars or what you'd expect to see after the police have raided the place. I can clean the place up & few hours later it's back to the way it was & if I ever get my hands the guy who invented Lego I'll tear him a new one to repay him for all the Lego wounds I've had to my feet over the years.

I've been relegated to training in a claustrophobic little corridor and my most used pullup bar has a clothesline attached to it, so I have to dodge that and all my bells which are lined up along the side with a few guitar amps and other random crap. The living room is now filled with guitars, keyboards and a cacophony of random musical instruments, so there's no room to swing a cat in there. Most of the guitars are mine though, so I suppose I shouldn't complain about that too much (my wife does enough complaining about them for both of us)

Most of the time I train outside for anything that needs more than a few square feet of space to do safely, so I always get a few farmers walks in before and after training. It's turned into a custom made OH&S nightmare inside. I built a set of high/low pullup bars outside too, so that comes in handy.

If it rains I have to clear a patch inside so I can make room to move.
Not much, but like the good ´ol philosopher William of Ockham said: "it is vain to do with more what can be done with less"

Last picture is also my "courage corner", where I heal and recharge.


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Keep my stuff in the garage in summer and in a spare room in the winter. My wife is decorating the room this summer so my courage corner will be relocating to the garage permanently. I have a heavy bag and pull up bar out there. A log of sweat has been spilt in that corner..


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Cool thread idea. Here’s mine.
Had to stand back to get the picture, so some things that may not be obvious, l to r: parallettes, Indian clubs, Escrima sticks, bag of clean towels, dip belt for weighted pull-ups, box on the wall that’s my version of an adjustable plyo box, v-Force weighted vest behind the bike, pull-up bar with rings and jungle gym. And of course more kettlebells than I need, but just accumulated them...
We actually use the garage for, um, cars. So except for the red mat on the floor, everything is pictured where it normally lives. Back out a car, put down the mat, and I’m in the gym.

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