Just for fun....post your "courage corner"

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by crazycanuck, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Steve Freides

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    One can deadlift in less space than that. A single 4' x 6' mat, which is roughly 1.3m x 2m, is sufficient. The bar is about 2.1 m long and will hang off the ends a little but the plates will be on the bar. Deadlift.

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  2. Tobias Wissmueller

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    @Steve Freides, thank you! Checked the measurements of the Ohio Power Bar in the meantime and also took the length of the loadable sleeves into account. All fine, enough space for deadlifts, floor presses and am sure other exercises as well. Not needing a rack makes things much easier ...

    Sorry, for hijacking this thread a little bit ... o_O
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  3. Bret S.

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    Hello all,
    CC1.jpg First posting on the forum, had to jump in on this thread.. I must say that I really love my courage corner, can't seem to stay out of it..
    I'm a builder and what you see has kind of evolved on it's own, it started much more humbly and as time went on came to life a little bit at a time although it's still a work in progress.
    It's in a shared industrial space and I hope to train people here with KB's and martial arts when it's finished. CC2.jpg
  4. damogari

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    ...and when you learn how to Clean the barbell you will have many more lifts covered. If someday you will want to do back squats you can always buy portable squat racks.

    I am still far from building my home gym (living in apartment), but I am thinking very intensively about the need for rack or bench. I can live without the Bench Press, but I am not sure if I can toss out Back Squats and do only Zerchers/Front Squats. Anyway you have a great courage corner there, little jelaous that you will use barbell there!
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  5. Brookes

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    Phew, hefty price for a bar which is restricted to deadlifts as main usage. If you allow me to express my opinion:
    For deadlifts you don´t need the bushings so much and for the price of the bar alone you can purchase a 30mm bar, more weights than you can lift the next five years and a quality rubber floor instead of bumper plates.

    I had frequent access to Rogue bars in my local Crossfit box all the time, but decided to go with "cheap amateur bars" and rubber coated plates for my home gym and honestly I don´t miss a thing. If you don´t plan to do fast dynamic lifts like Clean & Jerk you better invest the money in cheaper equipment and get a few hours with a trainer for this money instead. Just a thought. ;)
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  6. Bret S.

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    Thanks to all that liked my CC, forgot to add music preference...

    Mostly blues, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, B B King..
    Also lighter rock, Eagles, CCR, Marshall Tucker, Bob Seger, Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Chris Issac.. The list is long

    Spotify central
  7. Michael Scott

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  8. Bret S.

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  9. Adam R Mundorf

    Adam R Mundorf More than 500 posts


    Cold rainy day for presses and pull ups but I got it done regardless.
  10. offwidth

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    A person really doesn't need much more than a set up like this...
  11. Glen

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    Moved house yesterday - nice area for storage of equipment in new place IMG_20181028_162719.jpg . Picture doesn't include the second 56kg Kettlebell that arrived today :)
  12. Bret S.

    Bret S. Quadruple-Digit Post Count Certified Instructor

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  13. Adam R Mundorf

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  14. Adam R Mundorf

    Adam R Mundorf More than 500 posts

    The best part about Strongfirst methods is when people say, "You don't look like you could lift that." I get that allot at the park.
  15. The Nail

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    My sanctuary, the Monster Garage Gym:

    benches.jpg deadlifts.jpg power racks.jpg
  16. Adam R Mundorf

    Adam R Mundorf More than 500 posts

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  17. Bret S.

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  18. Michael Scott

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  19. Smitty_604

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    This is my garage gym courage corner. Since this picture I got a 48 KG bell and a bunch of unnecessary stuff (axle bar, farmers walk handles, straps that can be used to make a ghetto yoke walk). In hindsight all I really needed was the rack/barbell/plates/kettlebells. Then it got way too cold in my un-insulated garage and I started simplifying my training. So now I just bring my bells inside the house and do swings/getups on the carpet (definitely with knee sleeves!)

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  20. Daveywhit

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    7B5B2ED2-EACE-440F-92E2-5700B9FCB69E.jpeg 9478FD93-5A14-4D7D-BBF5-8EB38F5EEBB2.jpeg The first one: Circa 2007-ish.

    An old Box Truck that was dismantled and bolted to a CONNEX Storage Unit. Solid, cold, and Dark. Some would say it was perfect.

    Now: (My dad working out on the rower) House Garage with the basics. A rower, someBells, and of course a pull-up bar.

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