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Kettlebell Just had my shoulder cap replacement surgery yesterday

Sorry to hear this! But, hopefully patience will turn up some positive alternatives for you, in due time.

A buddy of mine just got his sling off yesterday. He was given similar load bearing restrictions. I asked him whether the concern was load on the repair/bone junction, or loaded movement wearing out the bearing surfaces prematurely.

This surgery is far more common among geriatric crowd, so how far one might go as an able-bodied younger patient is maybe not well understood by the people performing the most cases just being able to pull a gallon of milk, pain free, off the top shelf in a fridge would be a big victory.

If the concern is more about wear than load bearing, carries and bearhugs will still be on the menu, as well as the full range of isometric holds all the way up to max voluntary contraction.
@BrianCF so sorry to hear this. I’ve arrived at a conclusion of my own, that will be unpopular I’m sure. Heavy weight is not worth the risk of injury for me personally. I’m 33, 6’6, 215, long legs and arms, lifetime bball player, albeit recreationally now. Whenever I’ve pushed volume with a 10rm load (I.e. Giant) or gone heavy (5rm presses, heavy towel deadlifts, heavy squats, etc…) I inevitably get injured. Only once was it a bad shoulder that left me sidelined for 5 months (impingement), but many nagging things that force me to abort programs. Recently I’ve switched back to about 6-7 exercises done for 50-60 reps per session (~300 tl per session for all lifts) 3x per week. My session length is anywhere from 25-40 minutes, 20-30,000 lbs get lifted in a short time with 15-20 rm weights. I get a pump, I’m seeing results, it’s addictive, and most importantly, no nagging or serious injuries. I think if I wasn’t already done trying to chase numbers and lift heavy before reading your post, I might be now…

Once I had my first kid last year, I decided to make staying healthy/avoiding injuries (short and long term) my #1 goal. As a benefit, I feel that the ‘slow’/less intense game will yield more results then what I was doing, because I won’t have to alter/stop every couple months for weeks at a time and be depressed from not training.

Hope you get better and learn to adjust and thrive with lighter loads and more reps!
Hope the recovery goes well, Brian. Have enjoyed your many posts on this forum and enjoy your musings on your blog too.
Thank you to all of you for the well wishes, support and input. I love bantering with everyone. The good news is I had the surgery Thursday. I have no pain and haven't had anything since 600 mg of ibuprofen 14 hours ago. I'm really pleased.

From @North Coast Miller astmiller valuable input, I have questions to ask.

Short walks up and down the street start tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to all I'm grateful for all of you
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