Knee clicking in deep squat (no pain)


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Hey everyone

Just wondering if anyone has had or come across this issue before. For a year now when I go for a goblet squat my knee clicks right about at 90 degrees, There is no pain just clicking. I work for a bunch of physical therapist and they all seem to think its a tight ITB. Unfortunately the only advice I have received is to foam roll my ITB. Nothing against foam rolling here, but for me thats just a band aid and the clicking only stops for about 30 min. I wanted to know if there was any tricks anyone has come across such as something in conjunction with foam rolling, or a really good stretch that I can use to reset the tension in the ITB. Also forgot to mention my left leg where the clicking occurs is a couple degrees more externally rotated than my right leg. I have also been using the Strong First glute bridges and Prying Goblet squats to try and hammer out that issue.

Joe Dymnioski


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Eric Wong has a good hip program called "hip flexibility solutions" its a good very comprehensive approach to your hips as a whole.


2 cents.

Andrew Palmer

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Joe, I have the exact same thing. It only occurs if I squat without keeping everything tight. I need to constantly remind myself to pullup my kneecaps and pull myself down into the squat.


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Thanks for the ideas I will have to take a look at Eric Wong's work, I did try tightening the muscles and it just gives me more clicking noises. I would assume its because it tightens up my ITB more, still no pain, I just do not want this to turn into more problems down the road.


Joe Dymnioski


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I don't think foam rolling is a band aid. It fills an important void in a recovery plan.

Personally I use windmills and cossack rolls (which are easier to get into from a rolling quad than a cossack) to stretch my IT band from two directions of force (I'll lift the straight leg in the bottom of the cossack roll).


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Just a thought. My knees make an awful noise if I squat toes forward, or shoulder width stance.
as soon as I move my stance width out to outside shoulder width (toes out), no sound or click.

It may just be the shape of your hip and knee joints, and the length of your leg bones.
Perhaps the right squat technique for you is a different setup?

Cory Barrow

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Hey Joe-

Old post, but to address the issue anyway...maybe you're just quad dominant and the non-uniformity of the knee just lets it show weakness first? Stop squatting and swing more, RDLs, get your calves into the practice. There is a sweet spot for the patella to fit. It will pop if it's not there. I have an old injury I aggravated that often does the same thing. Hope this helps whomever.


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It can beseveral things:
> over-flexibility of the joint
> sub-luxation (the joint is slightly out of its normal place)
> unusual form of the joint
> injury

Stretching is always necessary anyway.

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