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Barbell Moderate daily training + powerlifting

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The basic PttP routine ran with the military press and deadlift worked quite nicely.

"...moderate daily training will keep the muscles’ fuel tanks topped off, while making tissues resistant to microtrauma and almost soreness-proof. It is the ticket to being always ready."
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Has anybody applied this approach - with competitive success at National level or above - to the squat, bench, and deadlift?

I am sticking with SaS until I meet my waist size goals...but I miss the competition platform!

A template like this might work. The OHS would improve the USAPL style walked out squat and the deadlift's grip component. The TGU would keep you from becoming a walking mass of scar tissue...especially since the upper back takes such a beating from the sq and bp.

The adjustment period would be long, perhaps a month...maybe two. Two days of SaS should really boost recovery in terms of the yearly plan...and endow the lifter with enough power to survive an all day meet.

I would look up the Korte 3x3. Three days of the big Three with low intensity and high volume for 4-8 weeks and then a 4 week ramp up with differing amounts of intensity each week. S&S on non-lifting days.
If You are at a national level you will need to put in more work. Read Power To The People Professional. You will find something to suit your needs there. Tons of info and programs on strength and Powerlifting training. The only though needed is which protocol is right for you. You just need to do the work.

But, as a PTTP believer your template looks solid. I have had success with a similar template for strength, not Powerlifting.
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I have a colleague that started PTTP with a landmine push press (I know, I know not a normal exercise to use with it, but as a rugby player he enjoyed the carryover he got from it) and box squat.

Both of these movements really helped his explosive power and carried over really well to his basic powerlifts.

He cycled in the odd set of 20 rep squats, but said that he enjoyed the steady increase in strength and lack of soreness/tiredness. He actually noted that he gained a surprising amount of size as this was not his goal.
I think the occasional frequency method pullups helped as well.

For that frequency I would drop the back-off set and vary the reps to include top sets of 1 to 5. I like to superset 1/1x TGU with squats or deadlifts and superset 5-10x swings with bench press.
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