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  1. Wa7ch

    Powerlifting stats

    What's good guys I'm 18 and i weigh around 62 kg (137 lbs) at 177 cm (5'10) I started gym 2 months ago Here are my current PR's : Bench 65 kg (143 lbs) Squat 80 kg (176 lbs) Deadlift 90 kg (200 lbs) These numbers are still rookie, i'll post updates every once in a while.
  2. Philippe Geoffrion

    Barbell Powerlifting Bench Press: Sink vs Soft Touch

    If you wish to skip - (The short version of this post is this: if you bench press do you sink or soft touch? Why?) For the longest time, I’ve carried the burden of this aching conundrum regarding the powerlifting bench press - should I sink or soft touch? Ever since I tore my pec tendon 10...
  3. Sinister carryover to Strength and other attributes

    Hello, I can not seem to find any quality study about the topic so maybe I will get the help here, I am interested about the carryover of Sinister to strength measured by three main powerlifts. I know that this the program is not solely for the strength but in case I reach sinister, what...
  4. Bajzath

    Grip training, 140 kg deadlift

    New pr.
  5. Ryan Humphries

    Other/Mixed Elite Power & Oly Lifters using StrongFirst methods

    Greetings! Long time listener, first time caller here. I've been introducing the StrongFirst methodology to many of my athletes and coaches. I got a great question from a great coach who I'll call a "skeptic". His question was, do you know of any elite Powerlifters, Oly lifters, or...
  6. Other/Mixed helping in programming knowledge

    Hi, so i know to preform SBD moves good enough but i have a problem with programing for myself and that something that i always wanted to learn. i need help with some questions about powerlifting programing. iam weighting about 67kg and my max is around: squat around 140kg deadlift around 170kg...
  7. Barbell Power-clean form check please!

    Hi everyone, So I just started doing power-cleans today, and my form looks egregious. I would like some feedback please. There are too many things wrong with this. From what I can see: I am not jumping high enough; I am yanking the bar with my hands as the bar comes in contact with my mid...
  8. Barbell Can someone explain power cycles kettlebells and deadlifts part II

    i recently read pavels beyond bodybuilding and he displays a power cycle my question was do power cycles build or display strength and what is the difference between power cycles and peaking ? And thank you
  9. Chrisdavisjr

    Forum Business A sub-forum for Olympic weightlifting

    @Steve Freides I know that the sport of weightlifting falls somewhat outside the scope of what StrongFirst teaches, but would it be worth having a sub-forum in the barbell section devoted to Olympic-style weightlifting, both as a sport in itself, or as a means to improve power for other...
  10. nick_j

    Barbell Faleev 80/20 Program

    Hey guys, first time posting. I have some questions about the program Pavel outlined in this article... Pavel: 80/20 Powerlifting and How to Add 110+ Pounds to Your Lifts Have any of you tried it? If so... 1. Did you have any shoulder issues from the lack of upper body pulling movements? 2...
  11. Max9876

    New Years Resolution Of Angry White Guy Lifting Weights.

    Todays workout looked the following: Heavy Benchpress: 50kg x 5 70kg x 3 80kg x 3 90kg x 4 92kg x 2 After that I did a backoff set with 70% of my current max (100kg / 220lbs) for 8 reps. Next were light Squats: 50kg x 8 60kg x 5 70kg x 5 70kg x 5 70kg x 5 After that I did some Barbell rows...
  12. Barbell Powerlifting improved?

    Powerlifting would be improved by replacing the bench press with the strict overhead press where there is no movement in the ankles, knees or hips and no downward movement of the bar after a ‘press’ command has been given. A small amount of backward lean is allowed but not to the point of...
  13. Carl in Dover

    Barbell 2018 USA Powerlifting Veterans Day Championships

    Any one going? I'm entered in RM3-105 so probably be scheduled for afternoon. USA Powerlifting Veterans Day Championships - 11.10.2018 Open to all lifters / Military get 50% off | Home Carl in Dover
  14. Barbell Training plan to check - request advice

    Hi guys, I ask for training advice. I am 23 male, 173 cm, about 77 kg. I participated in martial arts for 4-5 years, then turned to bodywheight training. My core training is gymnastics, but I incorporate barbell and kettlebells as well. I usually do 3-month cycles focused on bodywheight...
  15. Barbell How long to take bench from 187 to 220?

    A month and a half ago i benched 85 kg(187lbs) at 128 lbs(58 kg).It wasn't really hard for me to hit it considering i was pretty fatigued from previous sessions.I have been lifting for apprximately 8 months and lately i have been using a 6x/week push pull legs split(done 2x a week),with 1 rest...
  16. The Nail

    Barbell Moderate daily training + powerlifting

    The basic PttP routine ran with the military press and deadlift worked quite nicely. "...moderate daily training will keep the muscles’ fuel tanks topped off, while making tissues resistant to microtrauma and almost soreness-proof. It is the ticket to being always ready." Tsatsouline, Pavel...
  17. kyle

    Other/Mixed Let me know what ya all think, wrote this couple months back for another site

    Is it getting your 8 hours of sleep every night? Is it having all of your meals ready and prepared for you? Maybe it is taking pointless photoshopped selfies with your new color-coordinated outfit, and matching $200 Nike sneakers? Is it chatting with your friends about the weekend, between...
  18. Nils BA Sfg1

    Barbell Input wanted on Barbell + KB program!

    Hi everyone, I'm all new to this forum although I have been training with barbells since I was 14 and KB's since 2012. Certified as an SFG1 beginning of November this year, I would now like to ask for some collective wisdom on where to go from here as I am neither a PT/ coach nor particularly...
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