Naked Warrior Companion Thread Volume 1: Useful Add Ons

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    Hello everyone. This series of threads is meant to give a little bit more clarity on making the NW work.

    I don't mean for these posts to be too long. My intention is to compile resources in one place for anyone who might be searching the forum for advice on the NW.

    Hopefully these posts will give you some decent options on keeping your practice interesting and fruitful.

    Big thanks to @pet', @Harry Westgate, @Kozushi, @305pelusa, @offwidth, and @Pavel Macek for supplying much of the information I've compiled. Many of these ideas are not my own, I'm just trying to compile the most useful info for easy viewing.

    Lesson 1: The Dumbbell Snatch

    The dumbbell snatch is a unique lift as it offers many of the same benefits as barbell snatching without the difficult learning curve.

    Here is a video by Pavel Macek demonstrating correct technique for the dumbbell snatch. Notice how he starts the lift off of the ground and then lowers it to his shoulder.

    Naked Warriors would do well to add 2 sessions of dumbbell snatching per week to their normal GTG regiment. Don’t do any other big pulls. You can do this either with heavy weight and low reps or moderate weight and high reps. That being said, you may find that heavy dumbbell snatching is more useful on the NW program than snatching done with a relatively light weight.

    Pros: dumbbells are cheap, they don’t take up much space, and it is easier to learn most single hand lifts with them (compared to a barbell)

    Lesson 2: Hanging Knee Raises for Better Pistols

    3-5 sets of 5-10 reps. 2-3 times a week. (Al Kavadlo)

    This exercise will develop your grip, hip flexors, and abs. A hanging knee raise is a lot like an unloaded squat.

    Rather than do only low rep straight leg raises, try the hanging knee raise and gain some more volume.

    (proper progressions and form)

    Lesson 3: Hindu Pushup Finisher

    Try this out after you are done with your GTG work for the day.

    20 Hindu Pushups

    15 Hindu Pushups

    10 Hindu Pushups

    5 Hindu Pushups

    This is from Aleks Salkin. The goal here is to gain some volume and conditioning on a pushing exercise that also stretches you out and makes you sweat/pant. The OAPU does not lend itself to much volume.

    I wouldn’t do this more than 2-3 times per week.

    Lesson 4: The Jump Rope

    This is a very valuable tool for building up your heart and lungs while GTG training.

    3 sessions of 45 minutes per week is a good workout. You can drop down to 25 minutes and build up from there if you have trouble with jumping for 45 minutes.

    The jump rope is a winner because you can take it just about anywhere, it improves athleticism in its most basic form, it’s cheap and it’s FUN.

    Conditioning for Naked Warrior

    Lesson 5: Towel Rows.

    These can be done as creatively as you’d like. You definitely don’t need a towel, though I like towels and Gi’s because they tax your grip.

    Sometimes I will do my rows under a table. Sometimes I do them with my green resistance band from Rogue Fitness. I will use a bar for aussie pull ups if I have one handy, but I usually don’t.

    The variations keep rows fun and non-taxing.

    Why rows over pull ups?

    1. Volume. You can usually achieve more reps, more muscle, and more conditioning for the tendons through sets of 5-10 reps instead of sets of 1-5 reps.

    2. They “mirror” the OAPU a little better than the pull up does.

    3. They are not as taxing as the pull up. Once again, you can build up more volume, putting a little bit (read: a lot!) of muscle on your back.

    I have personally had the best experience with 3-5 sets of 5-10 reps.

    Some of my favorite NW threads from the forum.

    The beauty of box pistols

    Minimum effective reps/sets for GTG/NW?

    Personal challenge: 100 one-arm pushups (per arm) in one day.

    Naked Warrior Tips/Comments

    Keeping Tension out of the Face and Neck when practicing High Tension Techniques

    Getting the Most Out of The Naked Warrior

    Who is currently doing Naked Warrior and what do you think?

    Hopefully this helps someone out there!
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    Thank you for compiling this. It’s a great resource!
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  4. Jak Nieuwenhuis

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    Thank you @Marc and @Neuro-Bob .

    There's a lot of good NW threads on here that take just a little bit of digging to uncover.

    Gonna try to compile some more tips and threads later.

    The community here has a lot of good insight on how the program works
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    Thank you Steve, for the sticky.
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    @Jak Nieuwenhuis good info I’ve just resently started gtg naked warrior style while camping. How many days do you do rows? Is it simulare to the snatches? Tanks for this(y)
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    thank you.

    "The sets and reps are up to you, as you would expect, I would limit the reps to 5 and do more sets."

    "To keep it simple, do your other strength exercises, with body weight or with iron, 2-3 times a week for 5x5"


    I like going just a little higher with the rep range, but that is purely personal preference.

    If rows are easy for you, and you want to stick to sets of 5, try adding pauses, slowing the negative, etc.
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    May I add the following:

    This is a KB complex that one might consider adding to their OAPU and Pistols.
    It should take care of all your conditioning and pulling issues without interfering with anything or adding additional stress to the shoulder.
    Choose a medium weight (~snatch size or one size heavier).
    Do single bell or double (I prefere single for this one)

    Explosive Pull Complex

    1a. High Pull (active): 5-10
    1b. Clean: 5-10
    1c. Swing: 5-10

    Do 3-5 sets, resting 60-120 sec btw sets; 1-3x/week
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    No chinups?

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