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    And back at it in the Sky Kitchen.

    I guess I just really enjoy cooking. Not to mean I enjoy complicated recipes, I prefer simple ones. But getting the fried egg just perfect, or making this salad just have a certain something, or getting that meat grilled just juicy enough....I enjoy trying to be good at very simple cooking things.

    One thing I’m trying is to use fruits as dessert, to help avoid the various options out there. This grocery run means bananas and oranges for dessert. Sweetening things with coconut flakes too.

    Also I’ve noticed that I don’t truly crave carbs until the end of a meal, or as a “filler” if that makes sense. So my thought is, why not make breads and oatmeal’s the last thing I eat? Testing this out.

    OMAD today (21hrs fasted)
    Pork tenderloin with rosemary, salt, pepper
    Burger patty with rosemary, salt, pepper
    2 eggs fried in butter
    Some ciabatta bread
    Salad of......arugula, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, nuts, coconut flake, olive oil
    Oatmeal of...rolled oats, flaxseed meal, coconut flakes, almond milk, banana
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    Neuro-Bob More than 2500 posts

    OMAD today, 24hrs fasted.

    Wife’s aunts are all in town to meet Baby Bob. I’ve learned it’s very easy to impress 50 year old women with culinary skills. This is the second time I’ve just cut up vegetables for salads, grilled chicken, and made it a serve yourself line in the kitchen.

    Salad of....arugula, carrot, tomato, cucumber, avocado, feta cheese, grilled chicken

    2 strips of tri tip steak

    2 tangerines

    Oatmeal of....rolled oats, flaxseed meal, coconut flakes, banana, chocolate chips

    *everyone else was having cookies so I put chocolate chips in my oatmeal to compensate
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    Food packed for a 4 day trip (3 nights).

    Instant oatmeal (2 packets per day)

    Canned salmon with mustard.

    Lavash bread with deli sliced corned beef.

    Mixed nuts with cheese and olives.

    Peppers, carrots, tomatoes, hummus.
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    So today, day one of a four day trip. I’m trying out something newish: no intermittent fasting at all. Eat small portions, approximately a hand large and a thumb deep. I think 4-5 of these per day are what I would need.

    Also sort of higher carb lower fat. Why not just change a bunch of stuff at once, to really prevent any ability to nail down the cause of any change.

    Anyway, it turns the day into a sort of day long snack marathon, I guess. So far it makes me think about food about the same amount as on IF.

    Would be nice to only eat sunrise to sunset, but that’s not rigid and is merely a stretch goal.

    SO FAR mostly feeling a little “full” or “bloated” but in a carby way, not the fullness from fat that is heavy. I think I’m in an adaptation period as my digestion rearranged itself towards eating more often.

    0400 PST - oatmeal and flaxseed meal, butter, honey

    1500 CST - 4 slices corned beef on half a lavash with mustard

    1700 CST
    -can of salmon on half a lavash with mustard
    -carrots, pepper, tomato, hummus
    -protein bar
    -nuts with cheese
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