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Good afternoon, have enjoyed the blog and postings on this sight

I have been envolved in crossfit for 8 + years and learnt the k.b lifts before that, ie real technique - I am looking for a new direction in training and was looking for advice - my technique on singles and doubles - snatch cnj TGU etc are competent and comfortable with weighted pull-ups - I train grappling 3 x p/w also

Looked at the etk rop with the added pull-ups but wandered if there is anyone out there that could offer a plan whether I mix rop with hill work or air dyne etc

Any help,would be greatly appreciated

Many thanks

Steve Freides

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Pavel's latest book and DVD, "Kettlebell Simple & Sinister," is a great place to start. I recommend you accomplish the Simple goal before moving on to the ROP. An added benefit of S&S for you is that it's pretty easy to add other things to it - do it by itself first, and as you approach the Simple goal, you can consider cutting back the number of days each week you do it and start adding other things. (That's a quick summary of how to do it - the book gives a more thorough explanation.)

But, having said that, you've asked for programming advice yet specified a few specifics you want to do, so we must ask, "Why?" What is your goal for yourself and your exercise program?



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Hi steve

Goals would be to increase strength, lean out a bit more and to stay relatively pain free - feel banged up after 8+ years of cf and looking at getting back to Kettlebells, I think the mindset of more is better has happened due to this style of training

I was looking at possibly Etk with adding in sled/prowler work on the variety days with k.b leg work


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Mac, I been using kettlebells for about 5 years. One year ago I joined a crossfit box and did about 6 months. I cringed every time we did a workout with kettlebells cause no one really knew how to use them other than me.

I was also did not like that the programming never had movements other than kb swing (American), presses, and TGU. The way people pressed and made my shoulders hurt. The other thing that got me was any workout that had TGU they were trying to do them as part of a couplet for time which went against what I knew from doing S&S. The coaches asked why I did not finish and I showed them my TGU technique and I was informed I should of moved faster.
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