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Other/Mixed New Year's Resolution: Exercise 6 Days/Week. If Only for 1 Minute - What Will You Do?

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)
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Steve Freides

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Beginning January 2, 2021, let's say you commit to exercising 6 days a week. Your commitment extends to days when your schedule really doesn't have time for exercise, but you decide you will do _something_, allowing yourself a maximum of 60 seconds to get the job done. No spreading it out over the day, either - one 60-second block is what you get.

What will you do for your 60 seconds (or less) of exercise?

The deadlift is the obvious choice. Maybe the zercher.

I think a complex of cleans, squats, presses, good mornings, rows and the like could be good as well.
I don't really like these "what if" scenarios but I enjoy this one! It's either a full body power exercise, or a complex for me. My top 3 choices are:

0:00 Snatch L, 10
0:30 Snatch R, 10


0:00 Sprint 40-50m
0:30 Sprint 40-50m


BB complex - 1x 5 reps each
hang clean
front squat
press or push press
bent over row
1x All out Sprint
1x Press beyond failure
1x Squats beyond failure
1x Rope Climbing
1x Active Pigeon Stretch

*beyond failure = accomodating resistance, drop sets, etc.


But what I tend do is actually Crawling or Swings
TSC style! Rotate through these 3:

1. Deadlift. Leave a bar loaded with something as heavy as you feel like you can pull without needing to warm up.
2. As many pullups as you can get in 1 minute. Feel free to drop off the bar if you have to rest, but try not to.
3. Grab a KB and get snatching.
I don't really like these "what if" scenarios
It's not enough of a real life scenario for enough people. I started my wife doing 1 set of 10 swings every day a month or two ago - way less than 60 seconds, even - and it got her back into doing a little exercise before she left for work for the day. It could/should/would be a real thing for busy people who can't make time to exercise.

My own: swing 32 kg or 44 kg x 2-hand x 25 reps. Take about 40 seconds.
if commute time to and from my basement gym would be subtracted from my 60 secs...Air squats and full tension shadow boxing.

Otherwise KB Clean+Press+Squat for 3-4 reps
5 heavy 2HSW
1 GS
1 push up

repeat until done
For me, too much time would be lost in the transition from one movement to the next on this schedule. Applies to some of the other suggestions as well. If you could do the last SW and then catch the bell and do a GS with it, that would be cool. But putting the bell down to do a pushup and then starting swings again. Possible, I realize, just not ideal, I don't think. YMMV.

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