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Background: My name is Noah Marek, and I am 22 years old. Height is just below 5'11" (180cm) and weight is about 177 (80kg). I have lived in Oregon (US) my whole life and really enjoy living here. I got married to my high school sweetheart a little over a year ago before my senior year in college. I graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science earlier this year in May, and in a little over a month, I will start graduate school for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Pacific University (class of 2020). Currently, enjoying some extra free time to train, be outside, and spend time with friends/family before the business of grad school commences :)

Training background: Switched over from bodybuilding/powerlifting style of training to primarily Strongfirst methodology a little over a year ago. I am stronger and have better endurance than ever despite having this lower stress model of training. I just finished a 13 week cycle of Kettlebell Strong (phase 1 and phase 2 short course) with the 2x28kgs and rep maxed with the 2x32kg at 4 solid reps. This last week I began a 30 day loaded carry program from Louka Kurcer that he posted about on his instagram (@kettlebeast) .

Training goals: With the 30 day program, my 2 goals are to farmer's carry 2x32kg for 3+ minutes and do a solid 48kg beast get up with both arms after I am done. Long term (within the next year to year and a half) would be to do a get up and bent press with 56kg, be able to snatch 40kg for a sets of 5, and improve overall aerobic endurance through A+A snatches and easy running. Long long term: Deadlift 500lbs. However, I think I am getting ahead of myself so let's just say my primary goal right now is to be able to do a nice and smooth beast get up and improve grip strength/strength endurance via farmer's carries.

Limitations: I have one somewhat significant limitation. My hips can't go deeply into flexion due to impingement. I have researched it a good bit and spoken with some physical therapists about it and there is no easy solution. Could be bony anatomy, could be a minor form of femoral acetabulum impingement (FAI), don't know. I have spent a lot of time trying to improve it but with little progress. So now I sumo deadlift instead of conventional and use front squats more than back squats in order to use lifts that require less hip flexion. I work with my body rather than against it.

Enjoy this log and please comment. I post many videos and pictures on my instagram @noahmarek2 if anyone is interested. I may also post some here if it's not too difficult to do.
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This past week's training.

Get ups- up to 40kg
1A swings- up to 32kg
Loaded carry program day 1 (A)- 10 minutes
-1A military press to overhead carry
-Deadlift to farmer's carry

Pistols and 1A pushup practice
Carries day 2 (B) 13 minutes
-Double kb fsq to rack carry-
-Single leg kb deadlift to suitcase carry

Bent presses, goblet squats, and swings
Carries day 3 (C)
Get up to overhead carry + get down- hit 40kg on my top set which makes for some kind of PR since it included an overhead carry
BU clean to carry

Saturday (about 2 hours ago)
Went for a run for the first time in a while. Did not bring phone to track mileage or time because I prefer to just run by feel. I estimate the run was about 3.2 miles with a 10min mile pace. All done while breathing deeply and rhythmically through the nose. Easy endurance style and felt really good. We will see if I can keep this up...
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IMG_8331.PNG IMG_8312.PNG IMG_8325.PNG

1st- getting used to the beast resting on my forearm.
2nd- Bent pressing 40kg for the first time. Haven't spent much time with this lift but look forward to doing so in the future.
3rd- Farmer's carry with 40kg and 48kg. -my 2 heaviest bells :)

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Wow you have accomplished a lot for 22 yrs old! AWESOME work, in fitness and life!

I found you on Instagram, looking forward to following your training.


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Swings 10x7 reps with 32kg. 2A, L,R, repeat
*2A swings felt really good today. Pure power and no worries about the grip.
Get ups- 32kg, 1/1 x3
*I have been 1A floor pressing all of my get ups lately and really liking it. It adds some bent arm strength to a movement that favors lockout strength. It makes the movement feel even more complete to me.
Loaded carries week 2 day 1- 7 minutes
Deadlift to farmers carry- 2x32kg
1A press to overhead carry- 24kg
Completed 3 rounds of each


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Felt kind of sore and tired today so I did a bit less than planned.
Tempo pushups 4x6
Loaded carry program week 2 day 2- 18 minutes
Double kb FSQ to rack carry- 2x24kg
Single leg single kb deadlift to suitcase carry- 32kg
*Single leg deadlifts really seem to make my hamstrings and glutes sore! Plus my foot and whole body are working hard to stay balanced. I like this movement a lot and think it will benefit me well.
Completed 5 rounds
Finished with a mobility flow included half kneeling, squat, and one arm shoulder and hip extension patterns.

I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's snatches! After this program, I plan to deeply invest in heavy snatches A+A style and am really, really excited after all I have read on the forum about them. For now, just practicing the snatch 1-2x a week with the 24kg for about 10x5 each session.


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Decided to start doing my carry program at the beginning of my workout since it is the priority and then finish with accessory movements.

Loaded carry program week 2 day 3- 14 minutes
Get up to overhead carry (1A floor press for 2 reps before each get up, always finished with get down)- 24kg, 24kg, 16kg
Bottoms up clean to BU carry- 24kg, 24kg, 16kg
Went lighter today since I plan on going head tomorrow with get ups and farmer's carries.
Snatches- 10x5 w/ 24kg emom
Goblet squat 3x5 w/ 32kg

Felt good. Volume is high this week with 5 days of training in a row so I might start decreasing accessory work to what I feel is an appropriate minimum. The grip, back, and shoulders are handling a lot of volume right now. I will continue with the program as it is for now but will be listening to my body to see if I need to cut back.


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Change of plans with my programming. I will be stopping the loaded carry program early to start TSC prep. I will do a longer post tomorrow or over the weekend with an explanation.

Decided to do just get ups today. Why? Because I like get ups.
16kg, 24kg, 32kg, 40kg, 48kg (get up, no get down), 40kg, 32kg, 24kg, 16kg
First time getting up with the beast today. It was not planned, but I wanted to try it. Overall, felt alright but a little discomfort in my left elbow. Over the next couple weeks, I will do lots of 40kg get ups and partial 48kg getups and think I can have one solid get up (including get down) each side within a month.


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So, after signing up for the TSC, I remembered that I wanted to start prepping soon and finding a 8-12 week plan. Well here is the plan I decided on: 12-Week TNT TSC Training Program

I have been really interested in this program ever since I read it soon after completing my first TSC. I just finished spending 13 weeks with the press so I think it's time to spend 12 weeks with the snatch! I love the simplicity of it and how Derek says how much carryover the snatching will have to the deadlift and pull ups. I decided to use next week as a deload week with some easy strength lifts and LSD running rather than doing week 3 of the loaded carry program which is pretty aggressive. I am so excited to start the program and to see the effects it will have on my performance. Honestly, I am surprised I haven't seen it mentioned before on the forum because it looks awesome for those with their snatch technique nailed down.

For some perspective, in the spring TSC, I pulled 385, got 17 pull ups, and 100 snatches. Recently, I deadlifted 405 and managed 100 snatches in 5 minutes so those are my current benchmarks going into the program. I can't wait to see what I can do after 12 weeks of snatching on this program and I am especially interested to see how it will effect my deadlift and pull up numbers!


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One other note: my wife who doesn't workout/ train consistently signed up for the TSC with me! I did not push her into it because I wanted it to be her decision, and she said she wanted to! Pretty cool! I am excited that my wife and I will both be participating together at the TSC. :) I will make an occasional post about how her training is going as well!


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7-29-17 Saturday
Easy run w/ nose breathing the whole way. A little over 3 miles completed in 30 minutes. Focus was on being as relaxed as possible and letting tension shake off with every step.

7-31-17 Monday
Started ROP today with 32kg for the press. I've decided to finally pursue a half body weight press (40kg) and 200 24kg snatches in 10 minutes!
Light day
Press- 1/1, 1/1, 1/1
Pistol- 2/2,2/2,2/2
Snatch- 6 min- 60 reps
Next week I will begin the TSC snatch program but for this week, just ROP by the book (no pull ups).


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There is something so beautifully simple and satisfying about the ROP template. A push and a pull, a grind and a ballistic, strength and conditioning all in one simple, effective, and straightforward package.


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Variety day- PTTP deadlifts
250lb x5, 225lb x5

ROP medium day
3x(1,2) with 32kg for presses
3x2 bw pistols (after each top rung of presses)
9 minutes of swings w/32kg- I did 6/6 emom for 5 minutes followed by 5/5 emom for 4 minutes. 100 1A swings total.

After considering many different snatch programs including the one I mentioned above, I did the unthinkable. I decided to follow ROP by the book and not change the conditioning portion one bit. ;-) The only variety I am adding is PTTP deadlifts on tuesdays and thursdays which the book lists as an option and low rep pistols (no pull ups) after the top rung of the press ladders. I am really excited to finally be doing the Rite of Passage! About time!


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ROP heavy day
1A press 3x1,2,3 w/ 32kg
Swings 7 minutes- 10/10 emom w/ 24kg. 140 swings total.
Today felt like a workout, and I enjoyed it very much!
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