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Pavel -Alexander Faleev’s One Lift Per Day

I was just wondering, “Are we really that bad???”

I have been part of online discussion groups since the Compuserve forums in the 1980's. A quick Google shows they started in 1981, and I got my first PC in 1982 and began learning to program, and part of that was participating in Compuserve's online forum.

I began what turned into a serious computer career while in graduate music school - part of my teaching assistantship was taking attendance for a 70-person community chorus, and I input the data myself and then wrote programs that allowed me run reports against that data: the attendance record for a particular person, all the people who'd missed more than xxx classes, etc. That was in 1985, and the proverbial one thing led to another, and by 1992, I was a contributing editor at a computer magazine, a speaker at developer's conferences, and the like. Online forums were places where I both got my own questions answered and shared my knowledge and programming routines with others.

I gave up my college music teaching position in 1996 in favor of devoting myself to computers full-time, and only returned to music teaching about a decade later, first part-time, and finally giving up computer work and devoting myself to music.

I mention the history to make the point that I've been in online forums like our current StrongFirst forum for a long time now, more than 40 years, and there isn't much I haven't seen. But more to the point, there also really isn't an issue of judgement or philosophy about what's OK and not OK that I haven't run into, either. I'm good here - I appreciate what everyone contributes very much, and I don't get too bent out of shape when I have a decision to make about something here on the forum. I've come to realize that sometimes I have to make a decision and trust I picked the best compromise I could and then get on with life. I am passionate about our subject matter and passionate on the subject of teaching, and I am, besides being honored, very happy to be here in my current capacity.

So, no, we aren't really that bad. :) That "we" includes me, too, btw.

There is a great chapter in PTTP Professional on the Rogoznikov Russian system. This is a heavy, medium, light system in which most of the time is spent in medium phase. Might give you something structured to reference and try. In general, however, if someone cannot handle more than one lift a session their recovery is hampered. Need to evaluate your eating, sleeping, recovery
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