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Kettlebell Pistols with S&S

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Hey guys!
I'm coming back to S&S and I'm wondering if there's a smart way to incorporate pistols into the plan, or if it's smarter to not do them at all?


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I don't think S&S prohibits pistols, but I wonder how that would clash with goblet squats in the warm up routine. I would assume goblets would have to be dropped or kept at a very low weight to basically only act as prying resistance.


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Thank you, I was thinking the same. Perhaps if I used a short box for box pistols it would help.


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I managed my first pistols with S&S a few years ago. It's not a bad combo and the goblet squats really helped with my ankle and hip mobility to get there. I did GTG pistols and it worked well.


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You are welcome.

As soon as you feel tired, so as soon as you notice some decrease of the move quality, stop GTG for the day. The idea here is to always stay fresh to make top quality repetition ;)

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It depends. How original, right? :)

Overall, what is your goal?
Where are you with S&S? Simple? On the way to simple? Just starting?
Where are you with pistols? Can you do one proper unloaded pistol, or not yet?

My preference would go for S&S by the book, and GTG easy pistols (meaning: assisted if needed), but the answer depends a lot about where you are now.

Pavel Macek

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Pistols GTG may or may not be too much - experiment. One thing I want to emphasise - don't neglect your S&S stretches (QL straddle and 90:90 stretch) - or QL and or/piriformis might bite you.


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Thanks guys. My goals are fairly simple. I'm doing S&S for the usual reasons; pack on a little shoulder muscle, improve combative strength, fat loss. And I just love get ups. I'm using a 32kg. I want to throw pistols in the mix because I've never been able to perfect them yet, mostly due to flexibility. I've been doing Relax Into Stretch so I've fixed that. I love the S&S program, but I really, really, really want to master B.W. pistols without putting off my KB training. I can perform 5 strong reps off a 7 in. box, and I'm 5'10.
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