Pull ups for Tall guys at home or on the road.

Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by Tall guy Andrew, Jan 20, 2019.

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    As my Forum name indicates, I am tall. I'm 6 feet 6 inches (~198cm) tall and can easily reach my ceiling by reaching up. I also live in an apartment where the best pull up bar I could get is one that fits on the door frame, which I barely fit under.

    I have read in Mr. Tsatsouline's works that pull ups should be done with a bar high enough for my feet to be off of the ground. This is possible at my gym, but not at home or on the road, where I often find myself due to my job.

    Is there an alternate method of doing pullups that is nearly as effective? Bent knees? Legs raised? What is the best possible substitution?

  2. offwidth

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    They are hard but 'L' hang pull-ups are an option.
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    To build on @offwidth 's answer.

    Here's a video of @Steve Freides doing L-Sit Archer Pull-ups on Rings.

    A few easy ideas you could do:
    L-Sit Pullups (As Offwidth mentioned)
    Archer Pull-ups
    L-Sit Archer Pull-ups (As Steve demonstrates in the video)
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    As @offwidth said: l-sit pullups are a great alternative. If you get good at them regular pullups are a walk in the park. Another alternative is to simply not do tactical pullups as described by Pavel. You can do pullups with your knees bent and chest out. These will work more on the back muscles while tactical pullups also imvolve the abs to a great extend.
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    @Tall guy Andrew
    You can use a resistance band between the door and the door frame. Then, you can put yourself on the knees and pulling.

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