Push-up equivalent to body weight bench press?

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I would highly recommend training the OA or OAOL push ups. Begin at a elevation appropriate for your current strength level. It is a tremendous goal and the strength gains you will see in other area from training this move will surprise you.
I PR'd my Military press by training OAPU progression at different elevations and rarely picking up a heavy KB and actually pressing it.

Look forward to hearing about your progress! If you need assistance on the technique for the OA or OAOL, Please let me know.

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Thanks for the advice.

As much as my shoulder has improved recently, it's not really ready for one arm pushups. Two arm pushups seem to be ok and I can think of a few variations which are sufficiently challenging for me.

Is there a recommendation for when to increase the difficulty in body weight movements? Like x sets of x reps?

the hansenator

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About 10 or 12.

I ran into a little issue though. For about two weeks now my mid and upper back have been very sore, it feels like extreme DOMS that won't go away. I stopped all upper body work and have an appointment to be looked at on Tuesday. I've never had this happen before, even the sorest muscles usually feel better after at most 3-4 days.


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I always thought that with a normal pushup your arms were moving about 2/3 of your body weight. On that basis if you are 92kg and you want your arms to be moving 92kg you need an extra 46kg of weight on your body. Get a back pack and put this amount of weight in it and then try doing a couple of slow and controlled full range push ups while wearing the back pack. More fun might be to borrow a couple of children to sit on your back instead.


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I typically like to use loop bands when I want to improve my body weight strength by wrapping the band around my back and connecting to my hands. I know the resistance changes throughout the movement / angle but depending on the size of band your body weight can be reached at the weakest point.


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Check out the Power Push-up Plus from Lifeline Fitness. The easy way to add band resistance to push-ups.
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