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  1. Ricky01

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    Hey everyone

    I am not someone that has gone through S&S. I do however love the warm up series of
    Goblet squat with curls
    Glute bridge with block squeeze.

    I am on OS man through and through and have used this along side my crawling work.

    Question(s) if I may:
    What reps do you guys favour for these movements?
    Do you ever load them up or have you always kept them very light?
    The Glute bridge with block squeeze....I have always favoured the soles of feet together frog Glute bridge....it really fires up the glutes. Why is the block squeeze vertion favoured.

    Thanks everyone.

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  2. offwidth

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    I only ever do them by the book
  3. watchnerd

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    I think warmups are pretty personal in terms of what works for you, what you need the most help with, and the right balance of time and energy (i.e. don't turn the warm up into the work out).

    For me, given I do heavy ATG barbell squats twice a week, and yoga twice a week, my hip mobility is pretty decent, so I reduced the goblet squats to about ~3 reps, held for a long time in the bottom.

    I prefer donkey kicks and cossack squats for their unilateral action to the glute bridge.

    And for shoulders, I use a mobility bar.

    And some days when I need a bit extra, especially if it's cold, I'll also do some Radio Taiso.
  4. Brookes

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    I tried but never saw a benefit in loading them. If anything I felt more disadvantages since you tend to tense more with more load, which takes away range of motion.

    The warmup should stay a warmup. Groove and warm your muscles through the whole movement. However before I owned doubles I did Goblet Squats with a heavy bell afterwards as a finisher. Now I prefer double front squats since you can load them more and heavy GS tend to tweak my shoulders.
  5. Neuro-Bob

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    I’ve always preferred the good morning to the glute bridge, as it personally connects to the swing (and daily lifting of stuff) much better.

    Usually 2 sets, only 3 sets when I’m really feeling like I’m dragging and need to warm warm warm up.

    Usually 3-5 reps, though have gone up to 10 at times. Mostly by feel, and I often feel good at 5. Sometimes I’ve taken goblet squats to 20 for a wildly exciting time, but it never turned into a long term thing.

    You can’t really go wrong with by the book though...
  6. TravisS

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    I read or heard somewhere that the block squeeze is preferred because it causes you to squeeze your glutes and extend your hip flexors vs hyperextending your lumbar.
  7. wespom9

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    The block squeeze does drill is interesting to me, because while it does do what @TravisS says, I find that when I try it with some people who already have a tendency for valgus collapse, it only exacerbates the issue when I take the block away. For those people, I use a band on the knees with the instruction to "do not let the band pull your knees in". I think it is just a case by case basis.

    As for my warmup, I have done a mix of "by the book" and solo. For me personally, my typical trouble areas (as discovered through semi-regular movement screens) are asymmetrical shoulder mobility scores, and an anti-hyperextension weakness. I've gotten much better at maintaining a 2 on the TSPU since doing my OAOLPU but it's something that I need to continually work on. Therefore, my warmup has some general drills, but almost always has armbars and some sort of crawling variation as I've found those have the greatest effect for me.
  8. Shawn90

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    Light goblet squats 2 series of 3 to 5 reps is enough for my hips. No curls, bridges or halo's. However for a while i did arm bars for warm up and loaded it with tgu weight (32kg)

    Per book you do 3 series for 5 repetitions each. Your squat weight should be your bell for 1handed swings. And halo should be done light.
  9. Kozushi

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    I like the goblet curls at the bottom of the goblet squat. They make my arms huge. I do as many as possible. I have very long legs and so I find the goblet squats themselves a bit annoying - I do several bodyweight only squats as part of the warmup. The haloes I do as a way to pass the bell over my belly when switching sides for the TGUs. I do one of the stretches between the swings and the TGUs.

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