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Kettlebell Simple & sinister and A+A cj


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Hello, this is my first post here. I am 47 years old, and after 4 years of powerlifting style of training (low bar squats, deadlifts ecc), i decided to take a break and return to kettlebell training.In 2008 i was girevoy sport practitioner . Now , i am on a modified (no get ups) s&s routine with a 32kg kettlebell, . I do also daily, front or goblet squats and farmer walks. I would like to incorporate the A+A routine with single c&j. Do you think that it will be ok?


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Welcome to the forum!

Regading your routine..why don't you specify your goals?

What you specified may be enough to just be healthy and strong for daily life chores and not enough to run a marathon or complete a strongman competition!! (ok i'm exagerating but you got my point)

Mark Limbaga

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Did something similar before and yes it works wonders especially if you keep your cookies in check :)

Pete L

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I've been doing the opposite; LCCJ x2 days plus a day or two of TGU.
I have not got the programming quite right yet though...
this week I did a day of 30 sets of 32 kg TGU EMOTM in between the LCCJ days and I've had to take three days off to recover.
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