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Discussion in 'TSC' started by Phil12, May 4, 2019.

  1. Phil12

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    Had a super good time today at the TSC at the Iron Strength Kettlebell Gym in Sugar Land, Texas. It was my first time competing in anything and I had a really fun time. It was great seeing a lot of folks lift heavy and smart and more than a few PRs were set today. Thanks to SF for setting it up, Angie Jameson and Eric Grimsley (both high quality trainers btw in case anyone is in the market ;) ) for hosting and to everyone who came and competed. Looking forward to seeing the results!
  2. Carl in Dover

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    Great job! So do you intend on taking some time off to recuperate or continuing to train as usual?
    Carl in Dover
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  3. Phil12

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    Thanks Carl. I tore my calluses pretty good so I will be taking some time off from anything involving those ;) Probably some light running, maybe bw stuff this week while planning out how to maintain my snatch gains (thanks to Eric my RHR and endurance improved a lot and I'd like to maintain this as a new baseline) while pushing that deadlift over 500. Now that I have one competition over my belt I feel a lot more confident so I may even sign up for October just to have something on the calendar without necessarily trying to push the numbers up too much.
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  4. Norville Barnes

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    I participated at TNT Performance in Brookfield, WI. It was a great experience with about 30 people entered. I think I did well for my first time, entered in the Masters division. @Ryan Toshner ran a great event, and thanks to his brother Derek for his coaching which made my snatch score much better than a few weeks ago (but I still have a ways to go!).

    Leader board is up but not all scores entered:

    TSC Spring 2019 | Leaderboards

    Now for some relaxed ‘push’ training before focusing on the fall event.
  5. ShawnM

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    Well done @Phil12 . Tied for 37 overall in your class, world wide. That's pretty awesome!!!
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  6. Phil12

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    Thanks Shawn and thanks for letting me know, didn't even think to check!
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  7. Steve Freides

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    Everyone, the group on Facebook is full of pictures and videos. Here is a link to the group. If you're interested in joining, please go right ahead and do so. Memberships must be approved by an admin (of which I am one) and are usually dealt with quite promptly, less than a day in general and sometimes in only a few minutes.

    Facebook Group: Tactical Strength Challenge

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  8. SteveRogers

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    Good meeting you at the TSC Phil. Agree that Iron Strength is a quality outfit.
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