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While I can appreciate your argument I see no link between this argument, and the posting of scripture and remarks like "There is therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus." or being told I am disrespectfull by someone using a handle that refers to a saga which carries the message "not being a christian = being of satan"

I'll stop keeping this (in my opinion) off topic discussion going after this post, but if evangelisation turns out to be a secondary function of this forum I will have to reconsider my participation at SFG as I in no way, shape or form want to be involved in the further spreading of religion in society, even though I am respectfull enough not to bring up my personal views on this unless provoked into doing so, nor do I post condecending remarks towards those who have a different view on these things than myself (again, unless provoked)


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We hold all these truths to be painfully self evident.

All men are not created equal.

Only the strong will prosper.

Only the strong will conquer.

Jim Lauerman

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"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places."


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<a title="View HerrMannelig's profile" href="">HerrMannelig</a> : I fail to see how I am disrespectfull when I ask the valid question why posts on religion are being made on a fitness forum.
You referenced parody religions in your question.  Do you think treating what others value so flippantly is respectful?
I do however think your own remark can be applied to yourself: not everyone believes what you believe, so you might want to have a little more respect, so in discussing this kind of stuff maybe you should it in an appropriate place… after all you don’t see me posting about my personal religous and/or filosophical views.
When daniel stated he was Jewish, did you see any pushing their views on him? What was disrespectful in my response to him? I tried to be as respectful as I could for his religious sensibilities as far as he revealed them.
You do not see me advocating or discussing my religous and/or filosophical views here, as it is a FITNESS forum. I consider a matter of respect not to pollute forums with off-topic posts.
You are doing so now...

Calling our views "pollution" is disrespectful.

People here have all sorts of views. We are just trying to be mutually supportive. It is a strength forum, yes, but if a man suffers from a medical condition, and strength training helps him in ways most of us will never experience, that is more than just being strong. That is an effect on one's life which may bring one to consider deeper subjects rather than being able to create more tension.

Imagine that, a man who suffered a particular condition through his life now has realized he has made drastic improvement without intending it...can you not share his awe and happiness? That is what this thread is about. Just because some of us have specific religious beliefs and we have referenced them, it is not to push them on others, but just a reflection of our personal view on the matter.

I would apologize for any offense.


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Daniel Ashman said, "interesting topic i have a problem that is getting worse not better no matter how hard i try so this means god is punishing me because i’m a bad person?

Daniel, I have chronic lower back pain since December 2004.  I remember the day I woke up with inexplicable swelling in my lower back.  I saw many doctors and had more CAT scans and MRI's than I ever thought I would need.  It is now what, almost 10 years later and I still have this problem.   It never felt like I was somehow being punished and I credit this feeling to being a jew

I know you are jewish too.  One thing you gotta appreciate about Judaism is that we do not believe in judgement at any stage of life.  There's nobody judging you right now and there is nobody waiting at the end of life to offer you some sort of  ultimate judgement, which I guess is whether or not you are going to go to heaven or hell.

I believe the jewish way is not, "everything happens for a reason".  Instead I believe, "everything happens for the reason you decide upon."

So in my case I took this chronic lower back pain and got deep into yoga and eventually SFG kettlebell training.  I've decided that this pain will be my motivator, the thing I need to inspire me to learn about the world and not let it take me down.  I could blame g-d but I do not think he really gives a f***.

Hashem gave us this free-will and I plan to make the best of it.


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My healing was nothing shy of a miracle. It happened VIA this community and it's teachings. This thread just proves why it happened at SF and not the million of other fitness sites out there.

You people are class!! And I'm proud to be one of you!!



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@nico - the word God was included in the subject line. If you're not a God fan, click on one of the other interesting threads.


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I am new to Strongfirst, kettlebells, and to Pavel's works. But after reading this thread, I am now sure that this is the place for me. God Bless you all!

Jason Ginsberg

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Nico, as someone who believes in God and practices my religion, I thought the flying spaghetti monster reference was hilarious.  Please don't let people so insecure that they can't stand a little bit of humor silence you. I actually found Herr's remarks much more offensive, yours was just funny, and even though I responded, I agree, I'd just as soon politics and religion get left out, as the discussion usually spirals downward, but I don't think it's going to happen.  Dragondoor used to delete those posts, but that policy went away...

Stephen, that was beautifully put, I don't quite agree with all of it, but I do most of it, and it was very well written.  It's also nice to see more Jews involved in powerlifting/weightlifting/kettlebells etc.  Although I've benefited tremendously from these disciplines in my life, I've also encountered in the online world far more anti-semitism than in every other area of my life put together, which is a shame. It's nice to see some counterbalance to that.


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oh i only meant to point out that no one is forcing beliefs on others. you can share your faith while respecting others beliefs.


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russell unfortunately that is not always (or even often??) true, sometimes those are exclusive.  take a look at the muslim bombing of boston for an example of people "expressing their faith" and how that impacted others.


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@ Russell - Well said, and that's how I took all your posts to begin with  (and others) and your post about why go to the tread when there are 1500+ others? Dude, thanks for pointing out common sense.

I started this thread like any other thread just looking for answers and not to stir the pot in any way. Actually Jason's 1st post was the answer I was looking for but it has been great hearing all of you.

If you people really knew my whole story starting from birth - 2lbs 7oz got down to 1lb 14oz with 25% chance of pulling it off and that was a wishful number - turning cripple into normal bla bla bla. I know where my strength begins and ends.

I didn't get into this community by accident. It is exactly where I needed to be! Thanks people again!!!





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russell unfortunately that is not always (or even often??) true, sometimes those are exclusive.  take a look at the muslim bombing of boston for an example of people “expressing their faith” and how that impacted others.
And look at the religious-less French Revolution, Communist China, North Korea, Soviet Union, etc.

That is what completely without any faith looks like. So, you cannot randomly bring up an act of violence by ethnic and compare it to people attributing healing power to God. That is offensive, isn't it? Do you think the people here who expressed any faith are the same as terrorists?

We with faith do not think the faithless are the same as the godless murderers and tyrants who killed for political power and who devalue human life, but if the mere mention of our belief is enough to irk some people, then perhaps there is more in common and it is just a matter of circumstances.


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