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Discussion in 'Masters (50+ years old)' started by Ken_, May 29, 2018.

  1. Ken_

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    I am thinking about starting a training log after reading the book Easy Strength. It seems to be a good tool for reviewing what works for you in your workouts so you can make informed changes going forward.

    The log would be used for S&S and monitoring any soreness that I have (currently the shoulders), whether it gets better or not over time, how easy the workout feels, whether adding arm bars for improving shoulder health makes any difference, etc.

    I see there are training logs on this site, but I was wondering what others use for training logs, either in the cloud, software apps, or a plain old diary.
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  2. Questionfear

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    Personally, I've tried all sorts of online logs but nothing beats a plain old notebook and pen. I am running 5/3/1 right now with some other stuff thrown in, so I sit down every cycle and map out a few weeks at a time and just fill in the results as I go. I try not to go more than 3 weeks out so I have some flexibility, but it's so handy to just keep it all in a small notebook and not deal with finicky apps.
  3. Terry McCarthy

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    MS OneNote
  4. Antti

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    I keep a notebook and a pencil in my gym bag. I write down everything I do and anything special that happened in the gym. At home I write the sets, reps and weights in each exercise in an Excel file. I also keep a training log here on this forum in the members' only section, where I write again everything I did, and go a bit more into depth into how things went, what I learned, and ask for advice and opinions and so.

    I think keeping a log of some kind is vital to my training. It makes it easier to progress bit my bit, when I know exactly what I've been doing, and I can add just the correct sized bit to it. I like the Excel as it's faster and cleaner to read than the notebook. I like writing here on the forum as well. The community is encouraging and helpful. I also like how keeping the log and having it seen by others makes me more consistent and makes me train a bit harder. And the training log here is a handy backup as well.
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  5. Michael Scott

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    Welcome to the forum @Ken_! I utilize the app called Kettlebell Workouts, on my Android. It helps me track sets, and provides a snapshot of my previous session. I can also create multiple workouts, and I can track them as well.
  6. Adam R Mundorf

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    I keep a brief log on here but I also have a detailed one on paper.
  7. Chrisdavisjr

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    On the flipside, I keep a very brief log on paper (start and end times, reps, sets) and then write up more detailed entried with analyses in my training log on the forum while any lessons learned from the training session are still fresh in my mind.
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  8. Ken_

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    Thanks for the replies.

    With a digital log I can see the advantage of it not taking any space, and not losing them. With a paper log it may be easier to flick through it when you're looking for something and also you can highlight things.
  9. North Coast Miller

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    Chicken scratching on paper and formalize it on this forum. Prior to that a small notepad.
  10. Ken_

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    Trying both for a while seems like a good idea. Thanks
  11. IonRod

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    I use paper and pen/pencil. Digital technology is more clumbersome to fiddle around with when you are in the middle of training, catching your breath and sweating.

    I also now started printing out the plans for programs I do, so I can cross out the days as I complete them. Gives a nice visual stimulation seeing the progress at a glance.
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  12. offwidth

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    Good idea...
    having what you plan to do in front of you...
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  13. Carl in Dover

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    This is one of mine....

    Carl in Dover

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  14. Steve Freides

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  15. Adam R Mundorf

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    Ah something else I forgot to mention. I bring a small whiteboard with a marker/eraser to wherever I'm practicing. I write down my reps and sets for the day and can make changes easily with the eraser if things don't go as planned. Also, easy to make tally marks as you to along so you don't lose where you're at. It really helps on Rite of Passage heavy days when the session can drag on.
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  16. IonRod

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    I felt so stupid on occasional heavy days when I would approach the bell and seriously coudn't remember if I just did 3 or 4 reps with it. Sometimes it just happens, especially in an early morning session.
  17. Jan

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    I use a notebook, and post it here in the Members Only section as well.
  18. Abdul-Rasheed

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    These days, my training is minimal. I know what I am going to do (sets, reps and weights including warm ups) ahead of time. So I don't need to log during the session. Right after the training, I come to the desk, update the word document where I log both my food and training, with additional notes on form, fatigue etc. End of the week, I use it to post it here.
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  19. damogari

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    I am using Evernote for logging my training and Google Spreadsheets for calculating weights etc.

    Keeping notes in digital notepad make it easy to search for specific weights or exercises, and easy to copy and paste here into log to share it with others. Recently I started noting RPE on heavier sets which is a nice way to compare my current performance with the past one.

    I appreciate the feel of analog pen & paper, but unfortunately my handwriting is awful. Anyway I sometimes use this medium when I am on vacations. Notepad has a very long battery time in comparison to my phone which serves mainly as GPS on the road.
  20. Bret S.

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