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Surprising yourself

One pull-up
Deadlift 300+ pounds (about 6-10 times total, max was 320. Max set 300x5. Every time over 300 is a thrill!)
32 kg kettlebell snatches for 5 reps
36 kg kettlebell get-up
200 snatches in 10 min 16 kg kettlebell
133 snatches in 5 min 16 kg kettlebell (2016 TSC)
Pistol squat
Squat 260 lbs
Snatch (barbell) 57 kg
100 mile bike ride
1/2 marathon run

Those are the ones that stand out to me. I can think of other PRs (front squat, push press, bench press, overhead press, C&J, OAPU, kettlebell press, bent press, 5k run) but I just did them because I needed to for some reason, or they were an accessory lift, or it's the best I can do but I don't feel it represents an accomplishment, or something else that wasn't as meaningful to me.

Interesting to think about the difference between "I worked hard for this and I should be able to do it and I just proved that to be correct" satisfaction or feeling of accomplishment vs. the "Surprised myself" type of event. Which one is better? Maybe it's the combination of the two: "I worked hard for this AND I surprised myself at just how much I can do."
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