"The Hotel Workout" by Steve Baccari from "Easy Strength"

Jak Nieuwenhuis

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Wow, has anyone tried this workout from "Easy Strength"?

It is basically a Stationary Wall Handstand (for a max of a slow 10 count), 3 to five reps of a Box Pistol from a chair (each leg), and then Wall Walk down a wall.

Do a trip through the circuit, rest for 3 to five minutes (longer if you need to) and then do another trip, till you have complete 3 to five trips.

and then finally, some fine points

"You can perform the same workout every day; you just have to vary the intensity. For instance, on your handstand holds, if you hold for 10 seconds one day, hold for 2 seconds the next day. With the pistols, you can do sets of 3 one day and sets of 5 the following day. With the wall walks, you can do more than one. Have a 100% effort day, followed by a 70% effort day, followed by a 50%, and then back to a 100% day."

Tsatsouline, Pavel. Easy Strength: How to Get a Lot Stronger Than Your Competition-And Dominate in Your Sport (Kindle Locations 791-794). DD Publications. Kindle Edition.

I'm still mining this great book for workouts and info, but I would love to hear if anyone has experiences with this particular training method.


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I assume the wall walking down a wall is you in a handstand, feet on the wall, moving laterally with your feet going sideways, correct?

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I assume the wall walking down a wall is you in a handstand, feet on the wall, moving laterally with your feet going sideways, correct?
The "Wall Walk" exercise is an old kung fu exercise. If you hold a handstand, walking laterally would be the same exercise more or less. A wall walk is stand 3 feet away from a wall and your back is facing the wall. Reach backwards and walk with your hands backwards down the wall. Think of using the wall to walk down into a back bridge. You can walk back up to standing for more strength or turn over onto your side if you are nervous. Handstand is push, pistol is hips/legs, wall walk is back.

Wall Walk

Steve Freides

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@John Rhodes, welcome to the StrongFirst forum.

The wall walk, as you describe and as shown in the video link, was taught as part of Pavel T's earlier materials on joint health and mobility. I wouldn't be surprised to find it in @Pavel Macek's new StrongFirst Resilient as well - I'm looking forward to attending for the first time in the Fall.



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If I am away from home and do not have access to my bells, I always go for this:
I enjoy doing wall facing HSPU after the OAP to work on different angles.

- Pull ups with a door
- A heavy resistance band + DIY anchor for SLDL / Good morning / Pull through

For the core, at the end of the routine I use my DIY anchor to do Dragon Flags. I also can go for LSit or OAOL Lalanne plank.

From there, I can go anywhere. The environment and contraints dictate so I adapt the routine.

For AA if I want : 15s all out burpees, 45s rest, 10 times.

Kind regards

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