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Hi all im a chris new to the forum, long time reader at strongfirst.
I am looking for some input on training as the title suggests.
I have been studying martial arts for 14 years (kickboxing, kali, csw) normally training these 4 days a week when work allows.
I have recently joined a 24hr gym to complement my training when im unable to make classes.
My current routine is;
Zercher squat 3,3,2,2
Chin up superseted with about amrap
Knuckle Push up 10x10
Kb snatch 1 x 5/side
Get up 1x5/side
Ab wheel 1x5

Any improvements comments or advice is welcome thanks for reading.


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Welcome @Chris123 ...

Do you have any injury history?

Do you feel confident you have good form in the exercises you have chosen? If not seeking some qualified (preferably SFG) instruction might be helpful.

What are your training goals? (Other than 'compliment my training')

I see no locomotive endurance work in your plan. (I'm an endurance guy as people around here know, so I almost always am looking through those lenses)

Again, welcome...


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Thanks for the welcome guys,
No injury history, a big advocate of warm up and stretching pre and post, have recently purchased "super joints" will see if theres anything i can take from that, a huge fan of bruce lee and his philosophy of "take what is useful" yes fully confident in most exercises, *edit to above the snatches are 5x5/side*
To be honest training goals would be; a good level of strength i dont need to be powerlifter strong just stronger than the next fighter, i would love to grow the walking away muscles.
Thanks for your time.
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