Turkish get ups for time

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Colby, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Colby

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    Was taking a look at some of my older books written by Pavel and in “enter the kettlebell “ he talks about performing the Turkish get ups for 5 mins straight alternating right and left arms not counting reps. Has anyone had experience performing TGU for time instead of reps . For example 2-3 5 min rounds of quality Turkish get ups, resting 1-2 mins between rounds.
  2. Adam R Mundorf

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    Yes, I did it with Enter the Kettlebell. It had more of a conditioning/cardiovascular effect. The Simple and Sinister version is a better and safer way to do Turkish Get Ups in my opinion. Especially when trying to work up to a heavier weight.
  3. Colby

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    We’re you still able to use heavy weight? Also you said safer, as in loss of form ?
  4. Adam R Mundorf

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    I never worked up to a heavy weight because back then the program minimum was viewed as a stepping stone instead of a staple. I quickly moves onto the rite of passage.

    Yeah, mainly loss of form and it's easier to put everything into a movement when you know how many reps you have left vs minutes.
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  5. Molson

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    TGU is a technical lift. Doing that for time only makes sense on testing days. I could buy in doing that once a month or so as a mental prep for S&S test day, just like continuous swinging. But doing this daily does not promote learning perfect technique, which most will agree is key to lifting heavier bells. There are better ways for working your conditioning.
  6. Bro Mo

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    I've done them that way a few times when I wasn't sure what to do for the day. Went heavy, got fatigued, finished the day as a better version of myself each time.
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