Two meals a day?!

Discussion in 'Diet and Nutrition' started by Joshua, Nov 4, 2018.

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    I don't care, because my eating window is on the early hours. I only drink ~ 0,5 liter of water before breakfast. Then breakfast around 8-10. I drink coffee a cup or two then. Few mugs between breakfast and dinner. No coffee after 6 PM. Makes me sleep better this way.
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    Coffee actually helps induce autophagy. Coffee does technically require resources to digest but there's almost no protein/carbs/fats in the drink so it doesn't stop or hinder autophagy. Coffee is like 99% water. You're "technically" out of a fasting state but it isn't enough to change anything. The thing that these studies miss are the livability/sustainability factor. While water only fasting may be better for longevity than coffee/water fasting. Coffee/water fasting is better than no fasting at all.

    The main risk I think in consuming coffee during a fast is stress related. Drinking too much coffee can overload your body with cortisol and put your body into a chronically stressed mode. Anyone who has drank too much caffeine knows what I'm talking about. Also, make sure you're not treating coffee like a crutch or to mask symptoms of deficiency.
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    I was eating one meal a day 4-5 times a week for few months and switched back to eat two meals a few days ago.

    Light lunch (salad and cottage cheese/protein shake) about 12:00 and one-plate dinner (meat and veggies) about 18:00. Black coffee and water rest of the time.

    It's only a few days and food choices are much better than on OMAD but I have to admit that I didn't feel so good for long time. It fits my lifestyle much better, especially that I like to lift weights.

    It looks like there is a point of diminishing returns in intermittent fasting, which makes the two meal plan a golden mean.
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    So, lunch is, on average, a salad with cottage cheese and a protein shake, or do you choose a salad with cottage cheese or a protein shake? Just curious. I am looking to shed weight, and that sounds pretty doable.

  5. damogari

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    Some days just one source of protein, the others two, it depends on how hungry I am.

    I believe that high protein lunch is good for fat loss cause it boost your satiety levels for the rest of the day. I usually was able to easily shove three plates of food for dinner on OMAD, but when I get some protein on the lunch I am barely able to finish one good portion of meat and veggies on the evening.
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    That makes sense, thanks for the clarification.

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    Yeah, that's why most of the dietary products are made to be coffee. I am also a coffee lover
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    I train in the morning between 6:30 and 7:30 in a fasted state. I then have a cup of butter coffee, 350 ml whey protein / BCAA milk drink together with a multivitamine pill, MSM and Vitamine D3.
    Lunch is at noon, and varies according to what is offered at the company's restaurant. It always involves meat, veggies and carbs though.
    In the evening, a sandwich with veggies and meat (usually on the go, as me and my wife teach dance classes 6 days a week).
    When I am home alone, I usually have the above breakfast and dinner, no lunch.
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    Until before Christmas, I have been following a 20/4 IF, with excellent results in terms of energy, digestion and so on. My body composition did not change that much though.

    Now, I'd like to get back to two meals a day, which is another pace which fits me perfectly well.

    I train in the morning (4:30 am). If I want to gain some muscle, should I have to eat the first meal (basically my breakfast) around 7:00 am (before I go to work) or should I have to wait until midday ? I eat in the evening about 7:30pm (or 10:30pm when I go to boxing session)

    Thanks !

    Kind regards,

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    Seems like more and more are using the 16/8 leangains style. Hugh Jackman did, Jennifer anniston is now. It almost sounds like the way to go. It's a good balance of fasting time, yet you can enjoy either a lunch with friends or supper. It also ensures you're getting enough protein/leucine
  11. Anna C

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    I had to laugh at the headlines yesterday, "Jennifer Anniston reveals the diet that keeps her fit." Diet... that keeps her fit. Um, that's not how it works...
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    I eat all day. About 6 meals on non training days and 7 or 8 on training days. I start about 30 min after waking and continue until 30 or 60 min before bed.

    I meal prep once per week. Takes me a few hours. Its easy. I now feel better than I ever have. Been doing this for 6 months.

    Prior to this I fasted for like 10 years. It all works. The mass/energy balance is the top priority. Important to eat real food. I'm currently working on weening myself off of a daily protein shake and replacing it with real food (a red meat meal with starchy veggies).
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    Eating several "little meals", all day long is used by Mike Dolce. He uses it with his athletes, among them top fighters, such as Rousey, etc...

    He plan the macro and micro nutrition around the training. Even if this is not necessarily advocated by science, it seems to work - if properly done - for both weight gain and loss.

    Kind regards,

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  14. ali

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    The one with the werewolf......

    CGI and lighting being a poor second to body comp appearance, don't forget!!
    Watched a crap celeb interview with Linda Hamilton promoting the new terminator film as Sarah Connor. She said she was given a new arse on set to give the appearance of finely tuned butt cheeks. Literally added padding, yet paradoxically perhaps gloated that her new found 'shape' was due to being on a low carb diet for a year, when admitting that her appearance on film is make believe......yes, acting, pretending, that sort of thing, you know, make up.
    Their job is literally to make things up....and it doesn't just stop on set, it continues into column inches and endless rounds of vacuous tv and media interviews. A cynic might argue.....
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