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Other/Mixed [UPDATE!] StrongFirst Training App

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)



If you are committed to building the strongest version of yourself, let StrongFirst show you the way.

Our gold standard exercise technique—kettlebell, bodyweight, and barbell—and state-of-the-art programming are at your fingertips with the StrongFirst Training App.

>>> Free trial: Shop StrongFirst Training App, Training App | StrongFirst

1. New Features
-View next practice—Quickly pick up your next session in the Dashboard.
-Enhanced document viewer—Review the Enter the StrongFirst App document in the App.

2. New Free Programs
-Swing + Press Sandwich—Part II—Continue your progress toward a new Military Press PR with this continuation of the Swing + Press Sandwich program.

3. New Premium Programs
- No Distractions: The Occam’s Razor Training Plan—The simplest answer is usually the correct answer, and in training a push, a pull, and a squat is an effective, simple, direct path to greater strength and performance.
-“The Powertrain”—Roll the die and break out of your routine with randomized volume to supercharge your progress.

4. We Never Rest
Look for the next update in 6-8 weeks. Future updates to the App:
-Activity Logger—so you can track all your training within the App.
-Enhanced Results Entry—for easier tracking of complexes and circuits.
-Timer—so you can track your rest periods and work periods within the App.


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What are the current programs being offered on the app?
I would like to subscribe but want to wait until I see a program on the app that catches my interest.

Brett Jones

StrongFirst Director of Education
Master Certified Instructor
Elite Certified Instructor
Beast Tamer
We will have another update/release ready next week and as Bill noted you can download the app and review the practices and programs during the 7-day trial. And even if you do not subscribe you can keep the free content version of the app.


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I saw the free trial option thanks.
I prefer to know what is on the app before I download an app even if it is a free trial.

Just like a table of contents in a book. So I know if that book is of interest to me or not.

For example. I have very little interest in kettlebell programs and bodyweight programs personally. So if most of the programs on the app are slanted towards that I would prefer not to bother with the app.

Thanks for the responses though.

Brett Jones

StrongFirst Director of Education
Master Certified Instructor
Elite Certified Instructor
Beast Tamer
A new Program and a new Practice have been released on the app—if you are a subscriber did you get the notification on the App?

Steve Freides

Elite Certified Instructor
does the app have access to the articles and SF forum?
We have been looking into giving an "app" that you can use to access the forum. As I understand things at the moment, this ability exists in principle but is only available on certain platforms and with certain browsers. We'll keep this on our to-do list and update everyone when we know more. We have tested this but determined it's not ready for prime time just yet, and what might need to change to make this work better is largely up to the operating system and browser creators, not us.



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To be honest, I have tried the app twice in different points of launch. Once when it has first come out and second maybe about a year ago. I love the ”IDEA” of this app but it has a lot of kinks that needs to be worked on. I don’t remember why i canceled the subscription but I can go back on, try it again and keep a log on this time of things that need to be possibly worked on. My biggest problem with the app (from what I can remember) was the calendar. But again I can give it a try and tell you exactly what was up with it.
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