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Kettlebell What exercises do you NOT enjoy?

Tbh I think clean, press and front squat with doubles (or even single) bells give a higher return of investment than the swing and get up.
Love love love Clean and Press and agree, but I’m a few months from summer and need to increase my conditioning, and swings do that for me. Currently trying out Q&D 3 x a week.

Still keep one maintenance C&P day though, I am physically unable to not do any C&P during the week haha.
Generally speaking, those exercises I hate the most are the ones that I train most frequently.

I especially hate squats, bench presses and rows. I do them because they are really good medicine, but I hate every second of it.

However, I really, really, really love overhead presses, any kind of hinging, curls (arm and leg) and I particularly enjoy standing calf raises (I just do, I don't know why).

Finally, there are exercises that bore me to death (which is way worse than just hating them), such as TGUs, KB snatches, leg raises and lunges and I try to avoid them like the plague.

And swimming. I particularly despise it.
Swimming is hell!
Getups, and i also don’t consider them to be particularly safe to do. I only do them occasionally with light weight to warm up
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