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Perfect Health Diet for me. Silly name but so far the best and scientifically most sound book I've read on nutrition so far. Or also Dan John's "meat, veggies and berries" with some potatoes and white rice added to it.


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@ NJRick, is that from a TNT article? I loved that one.

Basically, I have a few base foodstuffs that I will always include, one or many of them:

Almonds, fish, meat, cheese, vegetables, eggs and oats.



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I'm not sure what to call it, but basically try to eat very little that comes out of sealed containers. Lots of green stuff, naturally raised (grass-fed) animal protein, O-3 eggs, grass fed cheese & plain greek yogurt. Very few grains, but I do eat corn tortillas here and there because life would suck without Mexican food. Plenty of fats from nuts, avocado, coconut, olives and animals. I put in carbs based on my work output for the day, often in the form of sweet or normal potatoes. Sometimes I eat some white rice post workout (usually mixed with eggs and some meat). I try to avoid gluten. On Saturday I drank some barleywine and I'm still paying for it.

So anyway, not vegan, paleo, keto, low-carb, low-fat or anything else with a name, but I somehow seem to eat a lot of good food.


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Food.  Mostly real/whole food, and a bit too much sweetened coffee (which we're working on).

I try to eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm not.


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I've been on the cyclical ketogenic diet for a while now and am in love with it!  I've had a lot more energy, mental clarity, faster recovery from training sessions, and more fuel in the tank during sessions.  Not to mention the amazing things it's done for my physique.  Losing 20lbs in the first 3 weeks, strength gains achieved on it, I feel great, and it's a diet that's sustainable long term = win!

Most people bash the low carb approach to things because they tend to feel like crap when they're on it and most athletes consume pre and post workout carbs for performance.  I've found that once you get into it a bit and the body switches from glycolisis to ketosis (carb metabolism to fat metabolism) it's BETTER than the traditional method of carbing up before something big.  I've read some science stating that lactates aren't produced nearly as heavily during training when you're fueled by ketones rather than glucose.  Cleaner fuel = more reps before your forearms catch fire on the SSST.  Awesome.

It's quite similar to the Slow Carb diet, only I find it a bit easier to stick with and it's been more effective in my case.  I highly recommend it.  However traditionally I've been a big proponent of the "Seefood" diet; I see it, I eat it.


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I usually stick to a very strict diet but I've fallen off recently which sucks because I have a VERY hard time staying lean. I'm back on track and going strong.

No breakfast!

Main meal: Some form of meat and vegetables. Could be a stir-fry or a salad. I keep the meat portion low because I don't feel so good after lots of meat. Meals should always be colorful. Don't overdo the fats and never overdo carbs.

6-7 hours later I'll have another balanced meal or just a protein shake/smoothie similar to Mike Mahler's recipes on his website. I've gotten really good at making smoothies, haha. I prefer the taste of rice protein because the bitterness evens out the flavor of fruit. If I'm going pretty low carb that day, I'll leave the fruit out and just do fat and protein essentially.

So it's either a meal and a smoothie or two meals and a smoothie. Carb cycling is great. Big spacing between meals is best and NEVER eat until completely full. Grains only very occasionally. This method has gotten me leaner and happier than any other I've tried.




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There is a lot of diversity in everyone's diet. I'm with NJRick, my wife and I eat like an adult. I reviewed our diet and we're like most people in America, we didn't eat enough vegetables. Two things really helped us. One, we fix our own food, two, we eat our vegetables (2-3 servings every meal) and food choices seem to fall in place after you eat your vegetables.

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