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What is Strong?
Pavel has already mentioned a bodyweight press is a must for "entry level strong"
So I was wondering what other "standards" should Men and Women strive for to be "Warrior Strong" or "Athelete Strong"?

We have The various goals Pavel has set out in his different book, .The Anatoly Taris list, The SFG Instructor standards  and the other various challenges that have come up over the years (like the UST or the Titan Challenge) What do people think are the "Base Standards"?

I personally am chasing 17 Reps LCCJ (ROTK standard), 150% bw Barbell clean + Jerk, and a 2xBW front squat (Standards from Easy Strength).
I like the 300 bench, 400 back squat, 500 deadlift benchmarks, but I like them for 200 lb., less than 40 years old, male lifters.  At age 57, I still aspire to these although pro-rated (not Wilkes Points rated) to my weight of 148 lbs. so, for me, roughly 225 bench, 300 back squat, and 375 deadlift.  The numbers are 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5 times bodyweight.

A 2 times bodyweight front squat is very strong stuff, IMHO.  Most charts I see put one's front squat at about 80% of one's back squat - 1.5 times bodyweight for a front squat is close to that.


Steve Freides, StrongFirst Team Leader

That is almost exactly what my goals are. In reference to bodyweight, my goals would be:

Press - bodyweight

Bench - 1.5x bw

Pull up - 1.5 x bw

Squat - 2x bw

Dead - 2.5x bw

Up to this point, those strength levels have improved every aspect of GPP, from doing chores to work to sport.
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