Question What to Start with at 55 Years Old?

Discussion in 'Simple and Sinister FAQ Questions' started by GregF, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. GregF

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    I am an averagely fit 55 year old, can deadlift about body weight 5 reps and do about 8 pullups..
    I have just read both simple and sinister and power to the people.

    I want to ward off the ravages of advancing years .... just be generally tougher.

    I am not sure whether to start with power to the people or simple and sinister. I have access to both barbells and kettlebells, but not much access to advice!

    I do want to pick something and stick with it till I reach a goal (my head works best that way)

    Advice on which to start with?

  2. Anna C

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    Welcome, @GregF ! I don't fit "Gentlemen", but I'll answer anyway :)

    If you want to get stronger, do PTTP.

    If you want to feel more athletic and move better (and eventually get somewhat stronger), do S&S.

    Either way, some instruction will help a LOT. Especially if you choose S&S. Find and SFG near you, and schedule some lessons.
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  3. GregF

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    Thanks Anna.
  4. Bunn

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    @GregF I will definitely echo what @Anna C has said, her advice is always top notch. I would also add, you can work on S&S three days a week and add in your deadlifts, pullups, etc. on the days in between. Or you could follow an A/B type of program so that you vary the focus a bit each week. You will just need to find the right mix to ensure you are not wearing yourself out and defeating the benefits of training that come with StrongFirst programs/methodologies.
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  5. Jan

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    @GregF : Welcome to the forum :)
  6. GregF

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    Thanks for the guidance and welcome. I have decided to start with S&S. Why? Because the swings and TGUs are much less familiar to me than the deadlifts. We will see whether curiosity kills the cat! In any case I will report back after some time on my progress.
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  7. Jan

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    You can start a journal in the appropriate section of the forum if you like.
  8. Steve Freides

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    @GregF, I'm 64, having started lifting about 20 years ago. Pick whatever you like - any strength training, provided it's safe and effective, is better than none. I highly recommend you also look into flexibility and joint mobility as part of the package.

  9. GregF

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    Thanks for the reply. Mobility sounds like a good and scary goal...

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