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Old Forum which side of the posterior chain does the single arm swing effect more?

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Doug B.

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I'm curious which side of the posterior chain the single arm swing effects more.

When I single arm swing I lean to the opposite side the bell is in.

To me when I single arm swing with the weight in my left hand I feel the stretch more in the right hamstring, but I'm not sure how the majority of the contraction moves from there.
From the right hamstring does it go up the right glute and into the left spinal erector or does the majority of the work continue up the right glute and into the right  spinal erector?

at some point tension has to travel in a contralateral manner due to the nature of the exercise.

I'm just wondering if I can get some free input from an expert that really knows what they're talking about.

I don't want to have to pay $75 to talk to mark reifkind on the phone for 2 minutes to get an explanation to this question.
yeah, man, I don't know if this article is all written in terms from anatomy trains or what. it's not in leyman's terms so as far as I'm concerned it's the equivalent of psychobabble. I think it's over complicating a very simple question in an effort to make dean sommerset really look like he knows what he's talking about.
so let me restate the question. does the single arm kettlebell swing with the bell held in the left hand activate the left or the right posterior chain more?
First I'd be interested in a video of your swing - you shouldn't be "leaning" to the side during the swing

From a posterior chain perspective I think the stress should be pretty evenly distributed

From an upper chain perspective you will see more lat activation during the one arm swing - if I am remembering McGills numbers on Pavel's swing the one arm swing hit 150% MVC of the lat vs. 100% MVC for the two arm swing
eh, screw it. I'll kb swing how I swing. I don't need some internet guys approval even if it is wrong.
Douglas, really?

You ask an obscure question, and the one guy on the planet most qualified to answer gives you a response, for free.  That's your thanks?  What The Fascia?

Brett, please stay on the forum.


Check your inbox. I answered your question to me via email. and there was no charge. Remember that part at the front of the forum that reads:

"Ladies and Gentlemen Only" ?

Your response to Brett was completely inappropriate.


Rif, Matt et al

I'm not going anywhere

Rif - were our answers similar?
First off I'd like to say that the Dean Somerset link was awesome. Thank you for that!


Second I'm going to say that I think this is the first abusive posts I've seen on this forum. An internetforum anno 2013 thats been up for a year. This is truly something unique.
Putting aside the OP's manners, my reaction to the question is, "Why does it matter?"

You're presumably doing an equal volume with each arm, so why is it of interest or use to know?


I'd recommend learning diaphragmatic breathing and methods for releasing tension (anger).  If interested I can email you a book which can show you everything you'd need to build a practice.
Personally I can't think of two better people to answer than Mark or Brett regarding anything to do with the swing or how the body moves during it.


Zach - Now you got me wondering about that book. Granted my list of "Things I really should have read already" continues to grow.


I just let him know that the contra lateral side leg is the 'drive' leg in a one arm swing/snatch and that side could be firing more ( erector, glute) but that he should have someone palpate to see. there was no mention of any leaning or other off center ness.
Douglas, you can't  comprehend how great mind operates. You should atleast understand that and restrain yourself/have patience. To you it's a flutter of wings of a butterfly, to the great it's a lot more than that ( please find a better example than what i gave).

When you swing with left, with partially contracted body, you'll notice the left side of the spine working, not the left leg; as in the hams and glutes. Your right obliques and abs will work.You'll notice your left glutes is working but not as much as your right glutes- which in fact contracted the left glutes due to a law you should check out. the right hams should be firing. But continuing this way you will turn into a zombie and it's not natural. when you take the kb on the left and swing, this will fire the left pos but it will not be at it's peak firing if you do not contract your left abs. Or press the ground with you left heel.

I could be wrong, but i don't care because my whole body is activated and working full time when i do swings. I know that. If one muscle is working more or less than other muscle then there's leaking going on.   
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