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Now then fellow lifters, I'm lifter (recreational while trying to run my business, be a dad and be a husband) but was curious to know if there was anyone in or around my area with similar interests or approach (strongfirst) to training as me. I'm a garage and garden lifter and I tend to train on my own, while this suits me hugely I often find myself wishing I had a similar individual or friend to comment, critique, encourage or challenge me.

I'm in Doncaster and would love to hear from you if you are near me.


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I can't say for sure, but we have a regular member here - Northern Kettlebells

His nick seems to indicate that he might be in Northern England somewhere. (I'm an Aussie so I have a distorted sense of being near someone compared to Brits - 200 km's is close for me)

It wouldn't hurt to drop him a line.

Northern Kettlebells

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Hi YC,
I'm in a similar position to you, train in my back garden and fit it around work and the family. I'm in west Yorkshire about an hour and a half away from you. Your more than welcome to come over for a session some time if you wanted


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We form a fairly large triangle of yorkshire lifters, I consider myself very amateur and work often gets in my way, oh and family, but would be good to get together and do some stuff with some heavy stuff
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