Karin Suter

profilephoto01-001370000076ZTGAA2StrongFirst-certified Instructor.

Karin has been a strength and conditioning coach by profession since 2013 in South Africa. Being a firm believer in healthy movement, she is constantly seeking new ways to challenge her body and has a strong passion for teaching people how to master theirs.
She came across Kettlebells in 2014 at “The Yard Athletic” in Johannesburg, South Africa, who are affiliated with the StrongFirst - School of Strength. This is where her passion for Kettlebells started. In 2016 she certified as an SFG 1 instructor, and then as an SFB instructor in 2018. Since then, she has completed the Sinister challenge and has taken part in a few TSC challenges.
Apart from physical strength and fitness, Kettlebells has also given her mental strength that translates into every other aspect of life. In January 2022 she decided to relocate to Switzerland for a change in lifestyle. She continues her strength training at home (the beauty of Kettlebells – extremely versatile) and is still very passionate about teaching Kettlebells and its amazing benefits to those who are interested.
It doesn’t get much easier, but you get much stronger
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