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profilephoto01-001370000076XyRAAUI'm the owner and fitness coach for METBurn---formerly known as Underground Fitness Revolution---in Alachua, FL. I offer online coaching for adults 30-plus and Tactical/Industrial athletes.

I use PlanStrong and StrongEndurance principles and methodology with our online training programs.

I have been using kettlebells since 2001 (before the first RKC took place!). I have more experience than any other kettlebell instructor in Florida.

In fact, I taught a competing gym owner as well as another local [former] StrongFirst kettlebell instructor how to use kettlebells (they were former clients of mine.)

Get the coaching, support, and accountability you need to succeed with our Online Coaching program.
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April Chastain
I have tried several Fitness plans over the years and the workout programs at Underground Fitness Revolution have had the best results for me. I love that you get there, workout hard and you are done in an hour. Clients are SO supportive and make it a positive atmosphere with NO intimidation!! Nate will adjust your workout for your personal issues if needed and work with you to reach your goals. I highly recommend Underground Fitness Revolution.

Vince Holt
Nate's workouts are great ! My flexibility and strength have increased tremendously.

Bill Poyner
For the past 7 years, Nate and UFR have been a great encouragement for my life. Is fun, intense, and challenging. I love it!

Gaura Glick
I can say when I came to Nate five and a half years ago, I was almost 150lbs, and a tight size 12 pants. Menopause did a number on my body. Now I'm a comfortable 8, and I have been for the past four years. You can't find a better or more effective place to reach your goals. I don't have to think about anything, Nate tells me what to do and it works. Imagine attaining your fitness and weight loss goals attending only three sessions a week. Try it and you'll never exercise anywhere else!!!

Barbara Carter
I am going to be 63 this year and I train at UFR. I love this place! It is better than a family — everyone gives positive encouragement. I am stronger, have better balance, and improved range of motion. I can carry sacks of mulch and compost in my garden, which I built suing cement blocks. I run up and down stairs with my granddaughters. I will keep moving as long as I can — and my coach, Nate, makes sure I move correctly. Come join us. You will never regret it.

Cynthia Gaston
I started with Nate's Metabolic at home work outs which were great for my schedule at that time. I joined the gym about a year ago and I have not felt this strong and healthy in years! Nate’s gym provides a fun, small group atmosphere and he brings a ton of energy and knowledge to the work outs. It’s amazing how he can keep his eyes on everyone to ensure proper form! He is also careful and aware of different fitness levels. The support he provides (physical and nutritional) is great for those needing it and new to this level of training. I've never felt intimidated, he makes the new members feel very welcome and the experienced ones like family! If you are wanting a change and willing to work for it, do it!

Barbz Galligan
After lightly “badgering” me for several years to workout with her, my good friend Lisa finally succeeded, but ONLY after I saw her one day and in shock I said, “what happened to your body”???

She always looked fit but something was very different. She was so lean, and I could see more muscle tone, especially in her arms. When she laughed and said no, she hasn’t been sick, she had heard of a new gym in Alachua that was promoting a 3-week trial special, so she gave it a try, was hooked, quit the other gym she’d been going to for several years, and that’s how I heard of Underground Fitness Revolution.

August 8th, 2012 I went with Lisa as a guest for a free workout. My life, as I knew it, was drastically changed after that workout. I had no idea exercise could be fun. Prior to joining UFR, I belonged to a gym since 1988, but I stopped going as I wasn’t motivated nor did I get much help when I did go.

I immediately signed up for the next training phase, and this August I’ll be starting my 8th year at “UFR.”

I’ve never, ever stayed with anything this long. As long as I’m alive and able, this is my go-to haven. When I started, I was 40 pounds heavier and NEVER felt intimidated or ashamed. We are all there for the same basic reason.

Now the reasons I love UFR:

Number one, Coach Nate.

I’ve always wanted a personal one-on-one fitness coach but too expensive. At UFR that’s exactly what you get but in a group setting. There’s no more than 10 people at a time in each class so Nate is right there making sure your form is correct and you’re performing at your peak. You will never be forced to do anything you’re not comfortable doing.

Nate is very knowledgeable about weights, kettlebells, nutrition, adamant on performing all exercises correctly, super funny, family-oriented, and makes his gym fun to come to.

He just opened a new, pretty, shiny, clean gym, and you’ll never smell anything but clean. The workouts are different each 4-week phase and are customized by Nate.

Everyone does the same exercise but use the weight Nate recommends.

Nate’s focus is strength, number one.

The variety is what makes the workouts fun, and you get results.

My life revolves around my workout schedule.

I am stronger, healthier, have more endurance, energy, and I'm basically a happier person.

I highly recommend UFR, but you have to do the work. Nothing is easy, and the workouts that Nate painstaking puts together, will guarantee results, I promise.

As long as you, DO WHAT NATE SAYS, you’ll be a happy camper. I am. Just do it!!

Karen Ridge
I am probably Nate’s Oldest client for almost 7 years now. I love the people who train alongside me.

Young and older, we all have the same be healthy, strong and balanced and of course to keep extra weight off.

Nate plans the workouts for us, we all do the same things just using different weight based on our own strengths. He stays with us giving good “form“ advice. If you need nutrition advice he can give it!!

If you can up, walk a straight line and pick something up off the floor, you can do this.

Whatever your issues are..maybe you are just lonely, come and try Working It Out!

Miranda Moran
I started working out in October 2018 at Underground Fitness Revolution with Nate.

It has worked better for me then any gym or diets I have tried in the past.

Nate will work with YOU on what is good for YOUR body with training.

Everyone at Underground Fitness is very supportive and no judging you.

I’m real pleased with the decision I have made to join Nate at Underground Fitness!!! Thank you Nate!!

Melissa Joiner
I’ve been a member for 9 years and LOVE IT!

I take the noon class as a stress reliever from work, and that way nothing comes up at the end of the day.

Nate the owner/coach is extremely knowledgeable, and he will help you with anything. However, it’s up YOU to follow the advice to get the results!!

I currently struggle with back issues, and Nate helps modify the workouts so I can still participate without causing further pain/injury.

The members are great, and we all support each other regardless of our strength / endurance levels.

You owe it to yourself to at least try it. It may be the best decision you make this year!

Sarah Collins
Underground Fitness Revolution (UFR) is more than just a great place to workout, we are a family!

I have been training at UFR since May of 2014 and absolutely love it! I have gained so much strength, flexibility, mobility and knowledge about food and nutrition.

It is a non-intimidating judgment-free environment.

Nate, the owner and trainer, is very passionate about what he does and practices what he preaches!

If you're looking for a great place to train, I encourage you to check it out!

Valerie Seixas
My journey to UFR started about 7 years ago when I hurt my back so bad that I could not walk straight.

I went to several physical therapists and they all told me that I need to work on strength exercises.

One day a friend of mine posted on Facebook about this new class that she just had joined and was thrilled about. Best of all the first class was FREE.

Since then I have became strong and lean. My osteoporosis reversed and overall my health is 100% better.

So, without my coach Nate I would not be where I am today!!!

He has shown me everything from eating right to exercising right.

He is constantly improving himself so he can improve us.

I can firmly say that he is one of the best coaches in the area.

LM Schmidt
Awesome trainer and training in a group setting. Have experienced incredible results under Nates instruction. You will not find a better plan for health strength and overall fitness with a time commitment of less than 3 hours a week!!

Blake Dicks
I love training at UFR. I have been a consistent member for over two years and I don’t believe I have ever done training that works my entire body. There are so many times when I would rather not go at the end of my day, but I know if I don’t I will be missed. Those that I work out with are super supportive and fun loving. There is no judgement. Nate expects everyone to work to their potential and pushes you if you are not. I love being more flexible, I love being stronger and have so much more energy. Lastly, I don’t have to think....I come in and I do what Nate says!! So easy, yet so results driven!!

Melissa Hinote
Since joining Underground Fitness Revolution with Nate I have become stronger and I feel Great! Nate offers a variety of class times which works great for my busy schedule. His dedication and attentiveness to each of us while we preform various excersises has been a key component to my success. Making sure we perform each excercise correctly to avoid injury, answering all our questions and his continued support is absolutely encouraging! Thanks so much Nate!!

Barb Eppler
Excellent gym and instructor who holds everyone accountable. Working out made a tremendous impact on my daily life. I definitely recommend working out with Nate!

Kenyata Curtis
I love going to UFR. I’m a vuluptuous diva, and I don’t feel awkward or singled out here. Nate is attentive and is sure my workout is injury free. He also modifies my workout if needed. I also love that I can work at my own pace and where my body feels comfortable.

P.S. Getting stronger Yo!!!

I love the variety of workouts at UFR. I appreciate Nate's enthusiasm and fitness knowledge which really keeps us motivated. UFR has been an important part of my life for 6 years and I look forward to the next 10 years!!

Training at UFR with Nate has been great over the past few years! Not has my form improved but my strength is so much greater than I thought it could be. Definitely recommend for a great place to train!

Stefanie Marquez
I've been working out with Nate at Underground Fitness Revolution for a little over 3 years. He and the other clients are very supportive of each other- it really is a family. The workouts are structured well and most can be completed in 45 min or less, which is great for my busy schedule. I also enjoy the 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off approach (although you can still train for 4 straight weeks with no break), because the off week allows me to do other things such as running or yoga. Nate knows what he's doing, and he even has lots of alternative exercises for those with chronic injuries or pain. I was able to work out up until I delivered my baby, and so he's also knowledgeable about what exercises I could do while pregnant. I also like that I can go workout at noon during my lunch break. He also gives occasional talks/workshops about diet and exercise so that we can get the most out of our experience. Highly recommend Nate and UFR!

Debbie Avonda
Nate provides detailed individual coaching in a small group setting. He has class times to meet all schedules! I have been training with Underground fitness for 9 years!!! The benefits are tremendous. He has taught me nutrition and strength to keep me healthy for a busy lifestyle!

Jennifer Bodner
Nate is AMAZING. If you want to work hard, have an infinite number of different workouts that are all challenging, which are designed by an extremely knowledgeable provider, this is your Trainer AND YOUR GYM!. Nate has helped me work on form, focus, and nutrition. He has truly helped me to LEARN my body and invested so much time in me as he does with each of his clients. His 30 years of experience has literally built my body.
He is a true expert in his field and is constantly growing his knowledge to best grow his clients both inside and out. He is funny, creative and has built an environment at Underground Fitness Revolution that is highly motivating, family oriented, non-judgmental, and AMAZING!
Every workout is intense but every workout is also different and is designed very specifically to build muscle, burn fat, and increase overall quality of everyday health and well-being. His nutrition plan and recipes are OUT OF THID WORLD TOO!! He’s a true genius. Nate will hold you to account to push yourself, and you WILL see results. I cannot recommend him enough!
Underground fitness is awesome gym, and he is running the show! Nate’s level of expertise allows him to work with people of all ages, all fitness levels, and to work with people who have injuries and or disabilities. You can 100% tell Nate has a passion for people and for what he does. He truly cares. Underground fitness Revolution is so much more than just a gym. So, If you are looking for a trainer that actually cares about health/wellness/fitness and his clients…. Look no further. Come join our fitness family! I am very lucky to have found him. Underground Fitness Revolution is a hidden gem for sure …You HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT!!

Carrie Gillespie
Nate is an amazing coach! I have been going to Underground Fitness Revolution for almost 2 years now, and love it! It is the first and only program that I have ever stuck to.

I never knew what a kettlebell was prior to attending UFR, and now I use them with proper technique and am getting stronger and stronger.

Nate and all of us at UFR are so helpful and supportive. I plan on being a member for LIFE!

Lori Howard
Nate has helped me become stronger and significantly reduce my lower back pain. I have exercised for years, though I would often avoid certain exercises, afraid I would cause further injury to my back and neck. Nate has helped me learn how to get stronger while avoiding further injury to my back. I'm able to do exercises I never thought I would do again!

Sherri Sujdak
I love this place! It's a group atmosphere without being crowded. Nate cares about his clients and makes sure they get the encouragement and attention they need. I've been a member here for a few years now and feel a difference in my endurance, strength and focus when I put in the effort and #dowhatnatesays. We welcome everyone with open arms and support each other. Come join us for one session and I think you'll be hooked!

No one person is alike. Personal trainers go through the motions. Nate creates new workouts to mix things up. Boredom isn't something you have worry about. Without realizing it, you'll become stronger and healthier. Nate is consistently educating himself to provide you with the latest information. Come workout with us! #wearestrongfirst #dowhatnatesays #progessnotperfection


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