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accessory work

  1. mattynewguy2010

    Other/Mixed Taking a break

    I have been training with the Faleev program for a bit but I want to switch it up. I’m thinking I want to do a program that focuses on accessories to the Big 3 that will transfer over. That being said I’m lifting at home so I don’t have access to machines. I have barbells, squat rack(with...
  2. Kettlebell Sots Press as Accessory to Bent Press?

    Hello everyone, I am nearing the end of a program that I wrote to get back to lifting after a couple of months of being sick. The program I am going to finish is inspired by Strength Aerobics: clean, press, and front squat. It has worked fairly well but I feel like I want to change my focus for...
  3. Yaroslav

    Kettlebell Hybrid template based on principles of "Calisthenics for iron domination"

    Comrades, would you kindly share your thoughts about the following training template. I really like the idea of mixing training modalities and implements, especially calisthenics and kettlebells. Even more I like it after reading "Calisthenics for iron domination" by Aleks Salkin. So, below...
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