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  1. coachnathanwhite

    Other/Mixed Dan John - "Coaching 101"

  2. Other/Mixed Progression to swings

    On the 12/27/2018 StrongFirst podcast, Dr. McGill explains (41:45-42:06) that not everyone can do swings. He said some people need to "build [a] stiffened foundation first." Have any of you worked with students who you realized had to do other training before starting swings? If so, what...
  3. Mercury

    Kettlebell SFG in City of London

    Apologies if this is in the wrong part of the Forum. I am about 3 months into S&S and am looking for some coaching in correcting technique in Swings. TGU and then C&P and snatch and so on in the City. I note there are a few in South London, but with a 4 week old son and long working hours i’m...
  4. Off-Topic Education/ investment

    Hi guys, Long time lurker, first time poster so go easy on me if this has been posted elsewhere! Possibly a vague question, but I'll give it a go. In terms of investment for furthering my own career, which would you guys consider better: hiring a coach or putting the money to seminars and...
  5. Karen Smith


    I often see forum post w/questions on programming, so I thought I would shed a little light on our methods. STRONGFIRST is a school of strength. We are a principle based system. Our principles are the same across all modalities (SFG/SFB/SFL) If your goal is to get STRONG..... using our...
  6. Kettlebell Are you an SFG II good at online training?

    Grieveks-I hope you all are well. I am an SFG I by certification but not a personal trainer as many of you are. Rather I attended the course for personal interest and growth and am a busy professional and parent. I've considered attending the SFG II for the same reasons, and have set my eye...
  7. coachnathanwhite

    Barbell PodCast: My Workout Routine & The Benefits of a Strength Coach

    #302: My Workout Routine & The Benefits of a Strength Coach from The Art of Manliness Episode Info Back in 2015, I had Starting Strength coach Matt Reynolds on the podcast to talk about barbell training. At about the same time, I started getting online coaching from Matt for my own barbell...
  8. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell PodCast: Conscious Coaching with Brett Bartholomew

    The Body of Knowledge In chapter 7, Brett Bartholomew joins us for a gripping conversation about conscious coaching. He explains how early struggles with extreme dieting and exercise provided the life experience that would ultimately influence his coaching philosophy. Brett emphasizes the...
  9. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell Coaching to Elevate Others

    Coaches - Your #1 goal personally and professionally should be to elevate others. How many opportunities day to day do you have to practice this? Do you know someone who achieved something big for them? This achievement may be below your skill level, but it's not about you it's about them...
  10. coachnathanwhite

    Kettlebell Recommended Podcast's: Brett Jones & Dan John

    Grab a legal pad and your favorite pencil, class is now in session.... Brett Jones: Training with Kettlebells from Shred Shed Podcast Dan John part 1 of 2 from Shred Shed Podcast
  11. coachnathanwhite

    Off-Topic Influential Books

    Learning from another's perspective is an invaluable experience. Here are 10 books in no particular order that have influenced my life personally and professionally. Please share yours, thanks! Note: Thread inspired by @Strong Rick @patterner discussion of "Mediations" by Marcus Aurelius. 1)...
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