combat conditioning

  1. kiwipete

    Russian paratrooper training video 1970's

    came across this gem.... see if you can spot the KB's!
  2. Road Work

    Hello All I'm a 6'1 Male, 154lbs. My current goals are to get into great (flexible strength and endurance) shape for Tai Chi Chuan, get really good at pistols, and build up my muscles/joints through high rep pushups. I move pretty well (can wall walk, bridge, pistols) but have not had a FMS...
  3. (Beginner) Naked Warrior and Combat Conditioning

    Basically the program is as the title states. I am 6'1, 154 pound male. Body fat about 12% (could be wrong, that's what it looks like compared to pictures though) No injuries, although elbow and patella tendon occasionally give me trouble if I overdo it. I move pretty well, can wall walk...
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