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kettlebell c&p clean and press

  1. Kettlebell C&P: stretch shortening cycle

    I'm wondering about whether/when to employ a stretch shortening cycle during a clean and press. I'm not a particularly advanced trainee, with my 1RM C&P at 24kg, but my proprioception is pretty good. With strict presses on my 40 lb bell, I have about a 7 RM, but if I do C&P with a technique...
  2. Steve Rogers

    A Lifestyle of Strength

    Hello everyone, My goal is to complete the S&S workout plan up to the 48kg Beast. I don’t have a timeline because I want to do this right. I also don’t want to sideline myself with an injury. I’m 32 years old. 160lbs. At 5’ 7”. My purpose for this training log is to get feedback from this...
  3. krishnab75

    Kettlebell Is this program good for endurance

    Hey Folks. So I have been reading Russian Kettlebell Challenge and trying to develop a simple program around Pavel's principles. I am also trying to work on some particular weaknesses as well as train for more endurance. I was hoping that someone could tell me if this plan was consistent with...
  4. Abdul-Rasheed

    Kettlebell C&P Critique

    Here are a few sets with 20 kg; your thoughts and feedbacks. Thanks.
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